Taylor Jordan Campbell

Taylor Jordan Campbell’s song “Struggle” was selected as the Song Search winner.

This 15-year-old has been writing music for a long time, but it was only recently that God grabbed ahold of his heart, and only recently that he started writing music for God’s glory and honor.

“Struggle” is a very personal song that reflects Taylor’s wrestling with sin—lust being one of several. The song is a celebration of no longer being a slave of sin, but rather being a slave of Christ.

Taylor’s parents are currently on staff with The Navigators, an international Christian missions organization, ministering with collegiate friends.

Taylor Jordan Campbell’s music is available for purchase at IndieHeaven.

A Song for Those Who Struggle

by Luke Gilkerson

“Taylor Campbell’s song ‘Struggle’ touched my heart because as a Christian I know the struggle I go through each day trying my best not to sin. Taylor is wise beyond his years, and God has called him to use his talent to reach out to those who need Christ the most.” (Comment on Breaking Free)

Who is this 15-year-old whose song has touched so many strugglers? Meet Taylor Jordan Campbell, a young man with a passion for God, a gift with words, and the winner of the 2009 Covenant Musicians Song Search.

After receiving over 60 submissions for the Search, Taylor’s song, “Struggle,” immediately stood out. Imagine my surprise when I later discovered Taylor wrote it when he was fourteen. Taylor recently told me about the writing of Struggle:

“As I sat in prayer, I suddenly had a flashback. No stone was left unturned. Sins that I didn’t even remember committing flashed clearly into my mind and I was nearly brought to tears as I remembered the many sins from which God had saved me. With these thoughts swimming around in my head, I picked up a pad and pen and began to write a goodbye letter to the Sin that had enslaved me. I wrote about the freedom from sin that Christ had given me. I wrote it hoping that any person who heard it could listen, keeping their own various sins in mind, and be encouraged in their fight for holiness.”

penny-for-your-thoughtsThis goodbye letter to Sin was born out of Taylor’s personal battle with temptation. While he grew up in a Christian home and received Christian schooling, worldly influences were unavoidable. Like many of his guy friends, Taylor went right along with the gossiping, cursing, and girl-chasing culture. “I snuck around texting and lying to my parents until the cell phone bill finally arrived,” Taylor reports. “My whole world as I knew it blew up before my eyes as my sin was exposed. I lost my cell phone, my iPod, the door to my room, and all privacy I once had.”

It was at that time Taylor reevaluated his spiritual life. Sure, he gave his life to Christ when he was five. Sure, he knew all the right answers and could mind his manners, but for the first time Taylor realized what it meant to live life for God’s glory. Would he sell out to God or to the world? In the summer of 2007 he made his choice—and it has been an adventure with God ever since.

He found with his re-commitment to Christ his tastes in music begin to shift as well. Taylor states, “I decided, for me personally, it would be best to pull the plug on any and all artists that tended to glorify their sin nature.” This is when his own song-writing took a turn: “I then tried to use my music to articulate how a relationship with God the Creator is the most important thing in life! All else falls second to God—career, family, wants and needs.”

After writing the verses to “Struggle” Taylor approached his friend Malcolm Womack about helping him write a fitting hook for the song. Malcolm, a gifted singer and a student in a local campus ministry led by Taylor’s parents, was all too willing to help.

Little did Taylor know (when he entered his song in the Song Search) it would catch so much attention. “I entered the contest just hoping that I would do well and be given a platform to explain what the song was really about. It is an honor to have been chosen from a pool of such gifted artists. All glory goes to God for laying this song on my heart.”

Last I spoke with Taylor, he read Psalm 116:12-14 to me to express his personal thanks to God: “What can I offer the Lord for all he has done for me? I will lift up the cup of salvation and praise the Lord’s name for saving me. I will keep my promises to the Lord in the presence of all his people.” Thank you, Taylor, for allowing God to use your pen and your voice.