Nathan Clark George

Nathan Clark George’s song “Set Me Straight” was one of five finalists for the Covenant Musicians Song Search.

Nathan lives in an RV with his wife and 5 children, traveling the country to share his music. His thoughtful lyrics, acoustic talent, and unorthodox lifestyle have caught much attention in the independent music community. Recently Franklin Springs Family Media created a documentary about his nomadic lifestyle and heart-felt music resulting in a new 14-song CD and concert/documentary DVD, Pull Up A Chair.

Nathan is noted for his ability to set Scripture to music. “I treat that process with great fear and reverence. The lyrics are written by God, after all. The challenge is to make it flow in a natural way. A lot of work goes into the phrasing aspect,” Nathan states.

Nathan wrote “Set Me Straight” years ago about the ugliness of his own story as a young teen who was sexually abused by a family friend, and going through all the muck and confusion this world has to offer, as well as making bad relationship choices. The song was originally written not really knowing if people would surround him with love. Now it is more a song about the resolve to encouraging others to show patient love to those who need it.


Nathan Clark George’s music is available for purchase on his website.