Heroes Need Allies

Relationships are the backbone to accountability. Allies play a pivotal role in helping heroes overcome pornography. Don't worry, Covenant Eyes is here to help all allies succeed in their mission!

What To Expect

Allies have a simple, but important job to do. This 3-minute video will give you a snapshot of everything you need to know.

Allies check-in on a regular basis by asking helpful questions and providing encouragement. They are sent reports that contain screenshots of concerning content (don't worry, we'll hide explicit content). All the ally needs to do is be willing to love and support someone.

Keys to Success

It's an honor and privilege to be an ally. Here are three keys that are foundational to success as an ally.


Be supportive. Be gracious. Be positive. Your words matter. Build trust with honesty and genuine love for them.


Be quick to listen and slow to speak. Ask questions to find out why they are seeking pornography. Don't assume anything.


Take the lead by helping form action plans, setting achievable goals, and checking in just to encourage them.

Screen Accountability™

Screens Monitored

Our software periodically captures screenshots of their screen activity and stores them on their device.

Analyze & Compile

Artificial Intelligence analyzes those screenshots for explicit imagery, blurs them, and prioritizes by severity.

Receive a Report

A report of concerning activity, circumvention attempts and other activity is sent to the ally for review.

Ready to help?

Real Relationships.
Real Change.

Our services are designed to help you and your loved ones live free from pornography