Corporate Timeline

March 2000 –  Covenant Eyes was formed and software development began.

August 2001 – Covenant Eyes Accountability for Windows was launched. It was the first software of its kind.

July 2003 – Covenant Eyes version 2.5.7, the first comprehensive rewrite of our software (including many new features, such as the monitoring of https sites), was released.

June 2006 – Covenant Eyes Accountability for Mac was launched.

July 2007 – Covenant Eyes Filter for Windows was launched to further protect integrity during family Internet use.

January 2008 – The Covenant Eyes blog, Breaking Free, was launched to provide information about Internet dangers and enhancing accountability relationships.

April 2008 –Covenant Eyes has users in 150 countries worldwide.

August 2009 –Covenant Eyes established its Seattle co-location facility, providing another disaster recovery facility and reducing latency issues for Asia.

December 2009 – The Covenant Eyes App for iPhone®, iPod touch®, and iPad® was launched.

March 2011 – Covenant Eyes introduced its Age-Based Content Rating System. It also added backup servers in Dallas for extra security for customers.

November 2011 – Covenant Eyes founder and President Ron DeHaas was awarded the Jerry and Patty Kirk Award by pureHOPE for his work through the company on protecting families.

April 2012 – Covenant Eyes officially launched its Android Accountability app.

September 2012 – Covenant Eyes was named to the Inc. 5000 Honor Roll of fastest-growing companies.

April 2013 – Covenant Eyes released its Filtering service for Mac.

June 2013 – Covenant Eyes acquired Saavi Accountability. The company also released Filtering for its browser app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

July 2013 – Covenant Eyes released UNFILTERED: Equipping Parents for an Ongoing Conversation about Internet Pornography, a DVD workshop kit to help parents spread the news about Internet dangers.

October 2013 – Covenant Eyes was named to the Inc. 5000 Honor Roll of fastest-growing companies.

April 2014 – Covenant Eyes introduced new flat-rate pricing for families, making it both easier and less expensive for parents to protect their kids online. We also released a new app-locking feature for the Android Accountability app.