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3 Things We Can Help With Your Marriage

Last Updated: February 27, 2023

Keith Rose
Keith Rose

Keith Rose holds a Master of Divinity degree and BA in Sacred Music. Keith worked with the Covenant Eyes Member Care Team for 15 years. He has also served as a Bible teacher, pastoral assistant, and music director at his local church. He's now the editor of the Covenant Eyes blog and the author of Allied: Fighting Porn With Accountability, Faith, and Friends. He lives in Hendersonville, North Carolina with his wife Ruby and daughter Winslow.

Does your spouse struggle with porn? If so, you know first-hand the devastation this can have on your marriage. We want to help you because Covenant Eyes was made for marriages. Here are some recent stories we received from members that highlight three important ways that Covenant Eyes helps marriages.

Covenant Eyes Regains Time for Your Marriage

Covenant Eyes member Stanley says, “I made a vow to not bring my pornography habit with me as I became a father.” But despite his resolve, Stanley wasn’t able to break free, “There were so many times where the second I would put my baby down I read something or watched something that titillated that fantasy.”

His bondage to porn was hurting his wife. It was also taking up valuable time that should have been his family’s. “As my wife and I were buying a house, the habit started to interfere with our time together,” he says.

Stanley realized that for the sake of his wife and family, something had to change.

“As a result I had to come clean. I have been tempted many times, but after talking with my pastor and establishing a connection with Covenant Eyes, I have been more than pleased with progress. This month, [I have been over] three months free. I look forward to a lifetime of it.”

Is your husband like Stanley? Covenant Eyes can help!

Covenant Eyes Establishes Accountability in Marriage

A wife recently told us, “My husband has been freed through Christ from his previous porn addiction for over a year now… Covenant Eyes played a big role in accountability for my husband and many others.”

Steve shared the effect of porn on his marriage, “It also was, in part, the cause of a divorce after ten years to my first wife.” Now, as a man held accountable through Covenant Eyes, he’s experiencing victory:

“I am now married again, for 4 years now, and am making progress in my struggle with this addiction. Covenant eyes has helped, so has accountability with some trusted caring and praying guy friends, God, and my praying, compassionate, loving, and forgiving wife.”

Another member told us:

“Covenant Eyes was, and still is, my source of strength and inspiration… The ‘accountability’ concept allowed [my wife and I] to openly discuss my struggles and any other topic I need to talk about. My life, my relationships, and I changed for the better.”

Covenant Eyes Restores and Equips Marriages

The wife of a Covenant Eyes member told us, “God is restoring what sin divided in our marriage.” Covenant Eyes is a software tool designed for restoring and equipping relationships. By bringing trust and honesty to relationships that have been marked by secrecy and lies, it can help restore marriages broken by pornography. By equipping parents, it’s designed to protect families from future harm.

Another member wrote:

This is a tool that has assisted in the restoration of my marriage and provided relief where there was once hesitation and fear—peace of mind for all of my family members. Peace in knowing that in my home my children will be safe and the generational curse ends with me. In our home pornography will not be an option, neither will there be an opportunity for it, thanks be to God first and then to Covenant Eyes.

Covenant Eyes was made for marriages!

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