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Chris is the Covenant Eyes Educational Resource Manager. Chris has a BA in Accountancy and Spanish from Western Michigan University. After 12 years in business advising with Ernst & Young, God led Chris to a full-time student ministry role. He started protectyoungeyes.com in 2015  as a ministry to equip and educate parents and teens on the latest gadgets, apps, and how to use the Internet well, which led him to Covenant Eyes. God works in unexpected ways!

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2 thoughts on “New Accountability Reports for Even Better Conversations

  1. when are you going to get the filter working for android user on their phones? I pay for this service and it doesn’t work and each time I call I get the runaround. I need the filter because it doiesn’t let me go to sites I shouldn’t and it hasn’t worked for month’s. Please call me or email me asap so I can decide to switch to another service if this isnt going to be fixed soon. Thank you.

    • Hello, we don’t anticipate having an filter for Android in the near-term. If you need a filter in order to use your Android device, then you might have to switch to another service.


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