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Covenant Eyes Achieves Fastest-Growing Milestone

Last Updated: July 21, 2021

Dan Armstrong
Dan Armstrong

Dan Armstrong has been featured in local and national publications regarding the issue of pornography’s harm on society. He has spoken at several national conferences regarding purity, protecting your children, and being educated on how technology and porn impact the brain. Dan and his wife have five children.

Covenant Eyes joins the ranks of an elite group of the fastest-growing companies in the United States. Since 2010, the company has been recognized by Inc. Media as one of the fastest-growing companies for the seventh time.

“As a seventh time honoree, you are part of a very select group of companies. We call it the Honor Roll and fewer than a tenth of Inc. 5000 honorees—an already quite select group—ever achieve this milestone,” said Eric Schurenberg, president and editor-in-chief for Inc. Magazine.

“This designation is a tribute to the tireless dedication of our Covenant Eyes family who serves our organization with passion,” said Ron DeHaas, president and CEO of Covenant Eyes. “We celebrate this recognition as we restore relationships, protect families, and change culture in the fight against Internet pornography.”

Since 2011, Covenant Eyes has grown from 80 employees to around 170 employees. Revenue has grown 93 percent in three years.

Inc. 5000 ranked Covenant Eyes 3397 this year. That’s up from 3674 in 2016, 4763 in 2015, 4283 in 2014, and 4253 in 2013. It’s rank in 2012 was 2871 and 1554 in 2010.

In May, Corp! magazine selected Covenant Eyes for one of its 2017 Michigan’s Economic Bright Spot awards. The recognition is for economic growth, expansion, and hiring Michigan’s brightest talent for the last 10 years.

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    1. Sherry Ritchie

      Dear friends at Covenant Eyes. God richly bless you for furthering His kingdom through the amazing work you are doing.
      He is doing great and wonderful work through you. To God be the glory.
      How important is it for me to have covenant eyes on this computer? Noone uses this computer except me?
      Sincerely Sherry Ritchie,
      I have nothing to do with porn.

      • Chris McKenna

        Hi, Sherry – thank you for your kind words of encouragement. The decision is yours. Covenant Eyes not only helps people create new, porn-free behaviors through accountability and software, but also to help people who don’t look at porn to stay on that path. It just depends on your situation!

        Peace to you,

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