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32 Reasons Your Family Needs a Digital Detox

Last Updated: April 3, 2023

Abby Willmarth
Abby Willmarth

Abby Willmarth has worked with several anti-trafficking organizations to educate and mobilize churches and individuals to fight trafficking. Over those years, she began to see just how many ways trafficking connected to porn. Now she works at Covenant Eyes to create educational content that helps people find freedom from porn. She lives in Michigan with her husband and two sons.

Spring has sprung! For those with kids, it’s the perfect opportunity to unplug and spend some time outdoors.

We know that today’s parents face unique challenges–lots of gadgets, digital games, TV shows, YouTube videos, and social media available to fill it. And when time spent online increases, so does the chance of kids stumbling upon things we don’t want them to see.

We released Digital Detox: 7 Days to Reconnect with Your Kids specifically for this reason. Our Digital Detox is not a strict no-technology fast. It’s an opportunity to disconnect from technology during strategic times and in strategic ways so you can reconnect with the ones you love most.

Here at Covenant Eyes, we love open and honest conversations. We found that the best conversations usually flow from strong connections, and this Digital Detox will help your family connect in some fun ways. Here are a few more reasons why we think you should do the Digital Detox with your family this summer.

32 Reasons Your Family Should Do a Digital Detox!

1. It’s a chance to rediscover the joy of family time.

2. Kids between the ages of 8 and 18 spend on average 7.5 hours online each day.¹ They could be the next Mozart if they put that time to use in a different way.

3. Think of all the bragging you can do on Facebook or Instagram. (Hint, hint: not a real reason, but something we touch on in the Digital Detox emails.)

4. For more real face time.

5. Because devices can’t love you back!

6. To give your kids a history lesson by doing some fun activities the “old-fashioned,” pre-internet way.

7. You may just learn something new about your kids while doing a new activity.

8. To embrace #JOMO (Joy of Missing Out), rather than #FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

9. Who wants to stare at a screen during dinner when you can stare at a little person you helped create?

10. Bedtimes become more lax as days get longer, and internet dangers and temptations tend to be more rampant during these late hours.

11. Your posture will thank you!

12. Deep down, we all really crave some time away from our devices.

13. Because sometimes difficult conversations, like talking about porn and sex, are easier when you’ve already talked extensively about favorite animals and what makes a good friend.

14. You may start to get bored, which can ironically help you think up some of your most creative ideas and spur unique conversations.

15. Because we’ve got better things to do than check our phones before bed and when we wake up.

16. You’ll laugh. A lot.

17. Let’s be real, we need a Digital Detox as much as kids do.

18. Grandma’s old cookbook is getting dusty and deserves to be pulled out and used.

19. Talking to kids can be awkward sometimes: “How was your day?” “Good.” The activities and topics in Digital Detox can help kickstart some fun, engaging conversation.

20. To pick up a fun and new family tradition. 

21. Your kids’ mad painting skills will be put to use spreading some positive, encouraging messages to your community.

22. Your family will hopefully get better sleep. Studies show that using a bright screen within an hour of bedtime slows down the production of the sleep-inducing hormone, melatonin.

23. Because the real world is filled with wonders that you will miss with your head buried in a screen. 

24. Reading with your kids before bed will help increase their vocabulary way more than watching cat videos. 

25. You’ll help your kids learn how to discern real news from fake news.

26. Super Mario may be fun, but real-life scavenger hunts get you outside and active.

27. Leaving your phones on the table during meals puts a damper on conversation, even if it’s not being used. Psychologist Andrew Przybylski found that this encourages people to disengage from the person they’re sitting with and often turns their focus to their larger social network.

28. It’ll give your kids’ “gaming thumbs” a rest.

29. Because not checking our phones and social media channels every hour, or every few minutes, is really refreshing.

30. Kids grow up fast. Do we want to look back after they’re out of the house and regret how much time the family spent doing their own separate things online on their own devices?

31. Because your kids have lots of questions, and you’d rather have them asking you than Google.

32. It’s a fun, free, and easy way to make some outdoor memories!

Digital Detox: 7 Days to Reconnect With Your Kids

Okay, so there you have it: 32 reasons you should take part in our brand-new Digital Detox challenge. I’m sure you could add your own reasons to the list, so feel free to share them in the comment section below.

When you sign up for Digital Detox: 7 Days to Reconnect with Your Kids, you’ll receive an email from us every morning (I know, it’s somewhat ironic to be emailed a digital detox challenge) that contains a tip or fact for smart and healthy technology use, a technology-free activity, and a conversation starter.

Again, Digital Detox is not a complete no-tech fast. It’s a week to strategically disconnect from your devices and develop some digital discipline.

And detoxes are usually easier and more fun when done in community, so consider inviting another family to participate with you.

Rediscover the joy of family time and start your family’s Digital Detox today.

Start Your Family’s Digital Detox Today

¹ Kaiser Family Foundation 2010 study: Generation M2: Media in the Lives of 8- to 18-Year-Olds

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    1. Sarah

      I think this is a great idea. When our 12 year old gets back from grandmas on wednesday, I’m going to leave the phone and the iPad in my room. If the phone rings, like in the “olden days”, I can hear it, but otherwise I’m free. I’ll have to figure out what I’m going to do about tv time though. The huge beast in the living room is harder to avoid. I’m sure Holy Spirit will guide me through those waters..

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