5 Lies Culture Tells Christian Singles

When you’re single, it often feels like the world is against you. Nearly every pop song, TV show, and movie out there tells some pernicious lies about what you should be doing with your body and your relationships.

5 Lies Culture Tells Christian Singles

Lie # 1: You should be ashamed of chastity. Because movie director Judd Apatow has a better plan for your sexuality than God does.

Lie #2: You need some sort of sexual release. Because we should do our thinking with any other body part than our brains.

Lie #3: There’s nothing wrong with sleeping around as long as you use protection. Because clearly the connections between multiple partners and unwanted pregnancies/STDs isn’t worth worrying about.

Lie #4: You’re somehow incomplete if you’re not married. Because Jane Austen or Queen Elizabeth the First or Florence Nightingale or Sir Isaac Newton led meaningless lives.

Lie #5: You must be a loser if you’re alone. Because when the Apostle Paul said he wished everyone remained single as he was, he just wanted to keep everyone else down.

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