Raising Kids in a Sexualized Culture: Interview with the Duggars

Covenant Eyes Radio – Episode 138


Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar - Raising Kids in a Sexualized Culture

This week on our podcast we have the honor of interviewing Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, stars of the TLC reality show 19 Kids and Counting.

The Duggars talked with us at length about how to they guide their children’s interactions with media, from television to the Internet.

Show Notes:

1:39 – Jim Bob and Michelle talk about some of the big events that happened in their family in 2014.

5:33 – Jim Bob talks about how television negatively impacted their marriage early on and how this experience shaped the way they have raised their children.

9:32 – Michelle talks about how our interactions with media can either help or harm our character—and therefore impact our most important relationships.

11:37 – Michelle talks about her personal struggles earlier in life and how transparency, the Word of God, and strong accountability were vital for her to break free.

15:20 – Michelle talks about how she models and teaches their children about accountability in the home.

19:03 – Jim Bob and Michelle talk about how they teach their children to think rightly about temptation and confession.

21:23 – Jim Bob talks about how they effectively keep their kids accountable online.

24:15 – Preview of next week’s podcast with the Duggars.

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