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Infographic Contest Winners

Last Updated: July 21, 2021

Luke Gilkerson
Luke Gilkerson

Luke Gilkerson has a BA in Philosophy and Religious Studies and an MA in Religion. He is the author of Your Brain on Porn and The Talk: 7 Lessons to Introduce Your Child to Biblical Sexuality. Luke and his wife Trisha blog at IntoxicatedOnLife.com

When we launched our infographic contest last month, we had no idea we would have so many great submissions. We even added a prize level, awarding $100 to our 10 popular vote finalists. Today we announce the popular vote winner, the Staff Pick winner…and an honorable mention.

We made a gallery of our 50 personal favorites from the contest on Flickr.

Grand Prize (Popular Vote) Winner: The Family Intruder

Our $3000 winner of the popular vote is April Frances Ortigas and Nirva Delacruz.

April (her friends call her Sky) has been a missionary for the past 10 years, working for a Catholic community called Couples for Christ, and has been assigned in areas such as Kenya and Tanzania. She’s also been on short term missions to China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and some parts of Europe. She fell in love with graphics and the arts when she was studying computer engineering in college but has grown to love it more when she was in Africa. There she saw the beauty of creation but also saw how AIDS has impacted our world. There her advocacy for chastity and purity was really molded, which also led to desire to speak out against pornography. She runs an inspiration and design blog called mercygrass.com. She is currently the president of Youthpinoy, a youth organization for evangelizing through online media.

Nirva Delacruz is Editor in Chief for Youthpinoy. She is also a missionary who has been assigned to areas such as East Timor and Indonesia. Nirva is a journalist and always has a passion for writing. April and Nirva are both members of CFC Singles for Christ and now are working in a church media organization, Areopagus Social Media for Asia.


Staff Pick Winner: How Porn Creates a Toxic World

Our $1000 winner of the Staff Pick is Tena Conil.

Tena is an Indian-born Art Director living in United Arab Emirates. Married and father of three lovely children, he is also a Youth Formator and has been a pro-life activist for over a decade in Dubai. Tena also does pro-bono work with the DISC Foundation (Developing Internet Safety For Children), a non-profit agency operating in India and the UAE. He is also the founder of LifeTeeShirts, the life-affirming, faith-friendly designer accessories space. Tena says, “My eldest daughter is eleven. And that is the age when most children have their first accidental exposure to the toxin of online pornography. So I guess in a sense, most of those stats are not just words to me. It is a cause close to my heart and a growing burden within, urging me to do something about it.”

Infographic on Pornography

Honorable Mention: The Negative Powers of Pornography

Gina Holder is our “honorable mention” of the contest. We liked her infographic so much we are planning to work with Gina to utilize her work to get our statistics into more people’s hands.

Gina is a visual design specialist with experience in user interface design, infographics, and print design, both from the client and agency side. Some of her clients include McDonald’s, Lipton Tea, and Unilever. She also works as the Creative Director of the Best of Aging magazine, where she was responsible for the design and layout of the monthly publication. Previously, she’s designed for non-profits in India, start-ups in the UK, and interned with Time Inc. in New York. She was recently named one of BuzzFeed’s Top 100 Members, given to writers whose posts have received more traffic than 99% of other members.

Gina is also die-hard Spartan fan—she graduated from Michigan State University with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Information Technology.


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    1. Raph

      Congratulations to the winners. Great work!

    2. Tena Conil

      Thanks to the CE team! Awaiting your acknowledgement… God bless!

    3. Hi Luke! :) I emailed you last tuesday about our prize? may i know what’s the update? Have not received a reply from Chris about the form he sent. thanks!


      • I’ll make sure to get in touch with him. He told me everything was squared away last I spoke, but I’ve been out of the office for a week so I’ll check in today to see what the hold up is.

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