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Renewing Marital Intimacy Book Bundle (Giveaway Worth $50)

Last Updated: May 9, 2014

Luke Gilkerson
Luke Gilkerson

Luke Gilkerson has a BA in Philosophy and Religious Studies and an MA in Religion. He is the author of Your Brain on Porn and The Talk: 7 Lessons to Introduce Your Child to Biblical Sexuality. Luke and his wife Trisha blog at IntoxicatedOnLife.com

Often we head into marriage expecting it to be a sexual utopia or an ever-flowing fountain of intimacy, and then when the honeymoon is over, we realized that we are sinful people married to sinful people in a sinful world. Sometimes our expectations of marriage have to change. Sometimes we need an overhaul of our behavior and attitudes. Other times, just small tweaks can make enormous differences when it comes to intimacy, connectedness, and sexual pleasure.

Marriage Bundle

Starting today, we are giving away a bundle of six books geared toward couples who want to renew marital intimacy. We are grateful for New Growth Press for donating so many books and for Sheila Gregoire for adding her book to the bundle.

This bundle is valued at over $50. Enter below to win!

Books in the Bundle:

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The more times you enter, the greater your chances of winning. The giveaway ends at 4:00PM on Friday, May 9.

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  • Comments on: Renewing Marital Intimacy Book Bundle (Giveaway Worth $50)
    1. Amanda

      Intimacy, in general, is a hard for me. Whether that is intimacy with God, my husband, my kids, etc. My prayer this year is for God to take down my walls and increase my ability to love and be loved. I would say meditating on scripture on marriage, God’s love for me, and His love for the church help me the most.

      • Dave & Pat

        The key to marital intimacy for twice and I is walking closely with Jesus, dying to selfishness any putting the others needs first.

      • Diana

        Communication, communication, communication! Mutual respect and understanding…

    2. Kerry

      I believe to regain intimacy both people in the relationship need to be completely honest and transparent with one another.

    3. Amanda

      Praying that God helps me see Him for who He is and for help that I see myslef and my husband as He sees us!

    4. rayquest

      AWESOME I WOULD SAY bravo convenant eyes wonderful collection of awesome knowledge to make ones life PORN PROOF aka devil proof

    5. Cheryl

      Thanks for keeping it pure & with the Word.

    6. Rob G

      (This is for the book offer – )
      What has helped our intimacy has been a commitment to preserve my day off (Fridays) as a day to spend together with my wife while our kids are at school. We spend those days together just enjoying the day, enjoying one another and avoiding anything work- or house-work related. It is often the one time of the week we can be intimate without interruption (you know, the other meaning of ‘coitus interuptus? :-). We also take time to read a good book on marriage every once in a while. Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages should be required reading for everyone. The last book we read through was Sheet Music by Kevin Lehman – (THAT was an interesting read! It also helped us to finally have some clear and direct conversation that was long overdue).

    7. Laura

      What a great tool for married couples… working on a daily devotional and reading books together is a great connection my husband and I can make.

    8. Carrie


    9. Tom

      Proper or good intimacy with my wife can only begin with the overflow of my sufficient intimacy with Jesus.

    10. Meg

      Would love to win this giveaway. My marriage has been affected by addiction and broken trust. These would be great resources to have!

      • Bob S.

        Highly recommend SA or SAA recovery groups for the husband and S-anon for the spouse.

    11. James

      This is fantastic. Two big helps in marital intimacy: (1) Thankfulness [lust is a kind of discontentment, isn’t it?] and (2) personal time with God [we need a lot of help in this journey].

    12. Shayne Noyes

      I am still in the early stages of recovery, so my wife and I have not started rebuilding intimacy yet. Hopefully this bundle will help us both along the path to rebuilding intimacy and being the loving couple we were at the beginning of our marriage.

      • Bob S.

        I highly recommend the book “Love and Respect” by Emerson Eggerichs. Fantastic advice.

    13. ihab ibrahim

      There is a deep need for intimacy that only God can fill. That place can’t be satisfied by anything or anyone. CovenantEyes reminds you that seat belongs to God. When you find that intimacy with your Creator, you can find peace and joy.

    14. Joe

      I am a widower, but I have a buddy whose marriage is on the rocks. I’m hoping this will help him and his wife.

    15. Trish

      Forgiveness and understanding…lots of both!

    16. Natalie Wallace

      18 months ago God made a play for my husbands life and won. He is an every growing stronger Christian. The marriage we had built was destroyed by the worlds view on God, sex, lies and life, God pulled the marriage apart and started rebuilding it his way, the way He designed marriage, intimacy, love with God as our centre not what can “i” get out of this life. Books, podcasts, radio, christian music, i am second, church, counselling, talking, praying, covenant eyes and ultimately putting all of our trust daily in God and His word bought about a miracle that the world said was impossible. We love to both grow from Christian books with biblical context as its base, giving God the glory as without Him in our lives we are lost.

    17. vickie

      Communication and time

    18. Zach

      I would love to win the book bundle!

    19. Stacy

      When I say covenant eyes have changed my life ,my marrige, and my (and husband) relationship/bond with God, I say it with the loudest voice possible!! I was in a hotel room with a broken spirit and fed up with my marriage ready to throw in the towel to a 27 year marriage. All due to years of pornography. I was searching the internet for a sense/sources of peace. I found peace in a lot of bible verses but FINALLY found understanding thru covenant eyes and all its resources. I can rejoice in saying we both are in the new recovery stage. Im eagerly looking for more info to continue our growth. Thank you covenant eyes!

    20. Chris Duchardt

      What has helped our intimacy the most I believe is my quitting my porn addiction. My wife has felt much more comfortable with me in the last few months since I have “porn free”. I can actually feel her trying to please me and starting to not worry about her measuring up to what I used to look at on the computer! I can feel her letting go and releasing herself to me more and more each time we have sex now.

    21. Gordon Crowe

      Praying together as a couple is the best tool to reinforce intimacy between husband and wife, we regularly share that with younger couples.

    22. M

      Well, I can safely say I am not married, but I see these books as a great resource for many of the parents I work with on a day to day basis within my ministry!

    23. Bill

      Great idea. This bundle looks like a great resource. Thankful for all you do at Covenant Eyes.

    24. Tracy

      I just recently found out about my husband’s addiction, and need help getting through this…

    25. Gary Byrd

      Without a doubt, communication.

    26. Gordon

      Intimacy with my wife has been helped by rigorous honesty. It is not always an easy thing, but it is the right thing to do.

    27. Ronda

      Because of physical issues, intiimacy has become nonexistent in our marriage. I desperately want to protect us from any addictions that would drive us further apart. I know we desperately need the help of the Holy Spirit. Open, honest communication is the only way we can avoid further separation.

    28. Sarah McDuffie

      My husband becoming born again really lit a fire over here lol. We also have found making a huge effort (we have 7 kids) to attend a weekend to remember event once a year keeps us on track for great intimacy in our marriage. We get renewed at the weekends to remember and are reminded that we are different and that is how its suppose to be. Making time for your marriage is extremely important. My husband always kisses me before he heads to work and we love to hug in the kitchen when he gets home.

    29. Jonathan

      I believe sexual intimacy is based on a couple’s spiritual intimacy with one another. As each spouse pursues Christ passionately and purely, sexual intimacy has a strong foundation to be based on!

      • Interesting. You assume “women” are some homogenous group with a single mind, as if the the same women who make porn are also complaining about porn. Why do you think this? Are the wives you meet who complain about porn also secretly making porn on the side? Are the porn stars you talk to also secretly involved some sort of anti-porn campaign? I’m not following you.

    30. mark miller


    31. Tom Smyth

      Just curious if you can enter the drawing without social media? I make it a point not to have a Facebook or Twitter account nor anything else.

      • Most of the entries are social media related, except for leaving a comment here.

    32. What has greatly helped your marital intimacy?
      Counselling, which included learning about our different love languages, examining our past experiences of marriage (as observed in our parents).
      Communication, which is the hardest element to maintain when you are struggling with porn stuff. The lie in porn is that it’s best kept secret which fuels a lying-mindset. It sows seeds of mistrust. This destabilises our entire marriage. But honest, open, and courageous sharing helps enormously.
      Prayer – especially developing a committed pattern of personal prayer in my own walk. Seeking to become a more godly man has fashioned a desire to be a more godly husband. I’m more loving, passionate, attentive, etc
      But also other people praying for me has helped.

      I think you also have to be patient.

    33. Michael Kalscheur

      After 18 years of marriage, the one thing that has helped our marital intimacy the most is an evening walk. We go outside, just the two of us (no kids are allowed to tag along), and just walk up and down the driveway (it’s a long driveway). We talk about the day, the kids and solve all the worlds’ problems. Some walks are 20 minutes and some are over an hour, but it is always our bonding time. It also doesn’t hurt to get some exercise in. Take care and God Bless.

    34. Robert

      I’m single, but I think it’s important to continue to be pure and “monogamous” even now. If I’m not faithful now with the little things, I won’t be faithful in the future.

    35. Open communication and time dedicated to spending together.

    36. Karla

      Something that helps our intimacy is spending quality time together once the kids are in bed. Even a few minutes of chatting about the day reconnects us emotionally!

    37. Shelby

      Engaged to be married on Valentines Day of 2015 and about 2 months ago my fiancé confronted me about his addiction. Instantly the hurts were overwhelming but since then and thanks to the many resources of Covenant Eyes as well as the software we have been able to open an intimacy in communication like never before. Both of us coming from divorced homes we always feared that it would be our fate as well. But through this God has revealed his imminent purpose for our relationship for our marriage and that because of my fiancées courage to address me with something he felt so shameful of, knowing I could’ve turned and ran, he has broken down the barriers that restrict so many marriages and relationships today. So I’m thankful for where God is leading us and how he is further preparing us for our marriage. So I must say that communication has only strengthened our relationship, our interactions, our spiritual intimacy and is key to keeping that intimacy open.

    38. Frank

      I’m single, but those tools looks great to help others and and getting ready for the day those difficulties will come!

    39. Coming from a background of being molested and a 30 year addiction to porn I will say that true intimacy is a treasure and one that should and needs to be fought for. I would just like to thank Covenant Eyes for doing their part in the accountability arena and also in offering insight on so many issues revolving around marital sex.
      God Bless

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