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Dealing With The Frogs In Your Life: Getting Rid of Idols

Last Updated: April 16, 2014

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Guest Author

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In Exodus 8 we read about the plague of frogs God inflicted upon Egypt.

  1. Frogs were over the entire country (v.2).
  2. Frogs blanketed the land (v.6). Everywhere you looked you saw frogs.
  3. Frogs were in the homes, bedrooms, on people—everywhere (v.3-4).
  4. Pharaoh’s magicians duplicated what Moses and Aaron had done (v.7).

Interestingly enough, the Egyptians worshiped a frog goddess named Haquet.

Dealing with the frogs in your life

What “Frogs” do You Worship?

Each of us have our own “frogs” (sin issues) that are making us miserable. We have frogs affecting everyone around us. We have sins we consider “sacred”— worshiping them in the place of God. If we don’t choose to deal with them right here, right now, they will multiply and begin to cover (take over) every aspect of our lives.

Your Frogs Aren’t in Just One Area of Your Life!

Satan wants to convince you that your sin issue is in just one isolated area of your life. “It’s not like it’s impacting every part of my life.” Oh really?

One of my major “frogs” was porn addiction. I thought I had it under control. I thought it was something that I could keep secret. I believed that I could pull out my “frog” in the secret spot of my life and play with it any time I wanted, enjoy it for a while, then put it back in its box until later.

Just like the frogs of Exodus 8, my frog multiplied. It began to hop into other aspects of my life. My frog began to invade my home life. It crept into my bedroom, and into my bed. It was on me—I carried it around with me everywhere I went. I was foolish enough to believe that I still had it under control.

God allowed it to continue to grow until it became so big, so noisy in my life, that everyone around me was deeply impacted. I nearly lost my marriage, I nearly lost my family, I lost my job—twice—and I attempted suicide. But God had other plans. He lovingly, patiently worked with me. He helped me get rid of my frog goddess!

When Will You Get Rid of Your Frogs?

Exodus 8:8 says Pharaoh called for Moses, demanding that he ask God to remove the frogs, promising that the Israelites could then go and worship. Moses responds: “Pharaoh, I’m so glad to hear you want the frogs gone! I’m so glad you finally realize the misery they’re causing not only you, but everyone around you! I’m so glad you recognize that only God can save you from these frogs! So I’m going to give you the privilege of determining when. When do you want God to remove these frogs from your life?”

Have you gotten to that point yet? Have you come to the full realization that your “frogs” are making you—and everyone around you—miserable? Do you realize that the things you’re worshiping, thinking they are your friends, believing they are actually bringing you pleasure, are in reality false gods intent on your destruction? Have you accepted the fact you need to get rid of those “frogs” and only God can help you do that?

I must confess, Exodus 8:10 baffles me. I don’t get it. Here is Pharaoh, miserable, upset, acknowledging that his “god” is making him miserable. He’s finally come to the conclusion that only the One True God can help him get rid of his frogs. Moses gives him the opportunity of deciding when he wants God to remove the frogs from his life…and he says “Tomorrow.” What? Are you kidding me?

I can almost hear Pharaoh saying: “I’m so glad your God is read to help me get rid of my frogs. They’re bad, unclean, unhealthy, making me—and everyone around me—absolutely miserable, they’re causing all kinds of problems for me…but I want one more night with these frogs. Let’s deal with the frogs in my life—tomorrow.”

What’s so Special About Your Frogs That You Are Willing to Put Them in the Place of God in Your Life?

What are your frogs doing for you that God cannot do? Don’t be like Pharaoh. You know there are frogs in your life. You know there are specific sins you need to get rid of. You know they are hindering your relationship with God. You know God stands ready right now to help you get rid of those frogs. Please don’t wait until tomorrow to deal with them. Choose right here, right now to give them over to God and let Him help you get rid of your frogs once-and-for-all!

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