Join the Fight: Help Covenant Eyes Save Lives

People come to Covenant Eyes with some terribly heartbreaking stories.

We hear countless stories of parents who are devastated to discover their children have accessed pornography. We answer phone calls and e-mails from husbands and wives whose marriages are holding on by a thread after months and years of pornography use.

Help Covenant Eyes - Become an Affiliate

This year our aim is to help more families be proactive and defend their homes. We hope to work ahead of the issue, helping families embrace a lifestyle of accountability. With all good things, the harder we work the more we can do to accomplish this mission.

This is your opportunity to join in the fight.

There are many ways you can help spread the word.

A Covenant Eyes mom said it well, “It would be foolish to delve into the online world without any type of protection against the traps that are embedded there. Covenant Eyes is a wonderful place to find that protection.”

Join us in making 2014 a year with fewer heartbreaking stories, a year with marriages and families strengthened by accountability.

Additionally, Covenant Eyes offers an affiliate program, and we are looking for candidates who have a serious passion for our mission. If you have the talent and resources to spread the word effectively, please consider applying. It’s a great way to help other people and bring income back to you or your ministry. We have many successful affiliates who have saved countless lives by using their websites, speaking platforms, and other resources to promote our services and education.

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