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Why Moms Love Covenant Eyes

Last Updated: July 19, 2021

Luke Gilkerson
Luke Gilkerson

Luke Gilkerson has a BA in Philosophy and Religious Studies and an MA in Religion. He is the author of Your Brain on Porn and The Talk: 7 Lessons to Introduce Your Child to Biblical Sexuality. Luke and his wife Trisha blog at IntoxicatedOnLife.com

Covenant Eyes helps families in several ways. For some, we help to break a habit of looking at inappropriate content online. For others, we help to make sure such a habit never starts. This is why many parents trust Covenant Eyes to protect the children in their home.

Recently we asked some moms to tell us why they really enjoy using Covenant Eyes in their homes. Here’s some of what they said…


Dollie Freeman“I really love the heart behind Covenant Eyes because this isn’t a service that was designed to shame a person for their temptations, but a service that will allow trust to be built between a trusted person and someone who desires to have a covenant with God or within a relationship. The reports are a way to build communication and help the whole family grow strong together. This service is the exact fit for our family, because we believe in preventative actions to helping our children guard their hearts. Covenant Eyes is the right tool for our family.” – Dollie Freeman

LaToya Edwards“I am really pleased with the software from Covenant Eyes. Previously I was using three different programs to filter out content and keep time limits in effect on the computer. I love that I have one thing that takes care of all our Internet safety needs. I also love that it’s a software that will grow as my boys grow and I need to have more safeguards in place.” – LaToya Edwards

Jennifer Fountain“Covenant Eyes is the service we love. I have participated with the service for years and years and love seeing this company’s passion for purity. […] It’s not a question of whether or not someone in my family will come across pornography….it’s a question of when. […] For less than the cost of two weeks’ worth of gasoline, you can provide your family with a year’s worth of Internet accountability and filtering!” – Jennifer Fountain

Darlene Collazo“Covenant Eyes [is] passionate about helping families develop a culture of accountability in the home. […] One of my favorite features is the Accountability feature. It allows you choose someone to be accountable to. That person gets a list of all the sites you’ve visited. This works great with the teens. You can sit together and go through the content they’ve surfed and talk about anything that looks questionable or compromising.” – Darlene Collazo

Jacque Gerlach“Covenant Eyes is our Internet accountability for the whole family. […] We aren’t out looking for inappropriate things, but they’re everywhere. They jump out behind every corner and Covenant Eyes is our protection from those things. This accountability is something to be embraced. […] We are molding our children’s character and our own, and Covenant Eyes is a tool helping us to do that.” – Jacque Gerlach

Stacy Kalicz“The Accountability tool makes Covenant Eyes stand out above other filtering programs. Accountability allows us to have conversations about the particular websites visited and to discuss search terms used. It also provides peace of mind; knowing what they have or have not been exposed to online is useful in training and discussion.” – Stacy Kalicz


Kristen Smith“The reports are fully customizable, and as our children get older and start to do more online work independently, we can add an account for them to see their online habits. […] My favorite thing about Covenant Eyes so far is their commitment to educating parents and spouses about the real dangers that lurk online. They have a fantastic assortment of e-books, many addressing the problem of pornography.” – Kristen Smith

MaryEllen Bream“It would be foolish to delve into the online world without any type of protection against the traps that are embedded there. Covenant Eyes is a wonderful place to find that protection. […] The Report will show your Accountability Partner how much time you’ve spent online, what webpages you visited or attempted to visit, the search terms you used, and even whether you tried to uninstall Covenant Eyes from your computer.” – MaryEllen Bream

KM Logan“Parents, kids are being exposed to vile things at an average age of 13! And these are children from every type of home life you can imagine, good, bad, and in between. […] I’ve had several types of filters on my computer over the years, and I really like this one a lot. […] It starts with saying ‘Not in my house.’ It starts with an excellent filter or accountability software, like the kind Covenant Eyes offers.” – KM Logan

Candace Crabtree“I believe that in today’s culture of media and technology at our finger tips […] we have to be willing to take a stand and protect our hearts, guard our eyes and the hearts and eyes of our family as well! […] I’m so thankful that there are services, like Covenant Eyes, that help me to help my family in this huge battle. I am grateful.” – Candace Crabtree

Anne SimpsonCovenant Eyes is completely customizable and adjustable to the particular needs of your family, and gives us a great peace of mind as The Boys get older and are exposed to the Internet more and more. I highly recommend that every family take this proactive step to protect themselves against the dangers that can be found online.” – Anne Simpson

Lynette Rice“Covenant Eyes provides Internet Accountability and Filtering that you control. As a parent, I want to make sure that accidental Googling does lead to intentional browsing that goes beyond where a young boy’s wandering eyes should be.  We plan to have our computer in our living room, but I don’t plan to look over my kid’s shoulders 24/7. Covenant eyes can help with that.” – Lynette Rice


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    1. This was a really cool way to round-up our reviews! Thanks for including my quote and link!! Thank you also for the opportunity to review Covenant Eyes!! It is greatly appreciated!

      • Thank YOU for your thorough review!

      • Tamara Allwood

        My situation is , my man watch’s porn all the time .it like clock work.when we have sex he poses and flicks throw the girls then he gets hard again now I feel discsted and mad there is times I just let him finish and the other times I just tell him to get off of me. What do I do I don’t won’t to loss him I love him to much. But the porn has to go. ( I feel useless ) I feel I don’t do it for him any more . I have tried talking to him and telling him how I feel but , nothing seems to mater . I leave to go somewhere, all I think is ( I bet he is watching that fu—-g porn ) then by the time i’m back I’m so mad .

      • Kay Bruner

        Hi Tamara. Well, I think you’ve got to consider what healthy boundaries are going to look like for you in this situation. Here and here are a couple of articles on boundaries.

        Just recently, The Gottman Institute came out with a letter against porn; they’re not a Christian group, just the best marriage and relationship researchers on earth. You might want to share that with your partner, and ask him to consider what his porn use means to your relationship.

        It’s going to be important to evaluate whether he’s able to be emotionally trustworthy with you. People can change! But we can’t make them. They have to do the work.

        Let us know how we can help you–Kay

    2. Thank you so much for including these reviews! It is great to see what moms are saying. I hope and pray this touches many and through this, more parents and families will realize the importance of using Covenant Eyes.

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