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Single Men Battling Pornography: Win a Free Book Bundle

Last Updated: February 21, 2014

Luke Gilkerson
Luke Gilkerson

Luke Gilkerson has a BA in Philosophy and Religious Studies and an MA in Religion. He is the author of Your Brain on Porn and The Talk: 7 Lessons to Introduce Your Child to Biblical Sexuality. Luke and his wife Trisha blog at IntoxicatedOnLife.com

Having sexual integrity in a hyper-sexualized world can be difficult. But for unmarried Christian men, the incentive to remain pure is often not as high as we would like. With no godly sexual outlet and sexual media available at every turn, it is easy to make peace with porn.

The time has never been greater for godly, wise counsel for men facing sexual brokenness.

Book Bundle for Single Men

Starting today, we are giving away a bundle of six books geared toward men in their pursuit of sexual integrity. We are grateful for New Growth Press for donating so many books. We are also thankful to Dr. Doug Weiss for contributing his newest book to this bundle.

This bundle is valued at over $40. Enter below to win!

Books in the Bundle

  • Sexual Sanity for Men: Reclaiming Your Mind in a Crazy Culture — This is a guide meant especially for a group of men to go through together. Filled with gospel hope, David White walks men through the process of repentance and healing.
  • Clean: A Proven Plan for Men Committed to Sexual Integrity — Dr. Doug Weiss is a nationally known author, speaker, and licensed psychologist. His newest book, Clean, is about the weapons men need to get free and stay free from the allure of sexual temptation.
  • It’s All About Me: The Problem with Masturbation — This mini-book by Christian counselor Winston Smith looks at why masturbation is sinful, and gives practical strategies for breaking free that focus on our hearts and motives.
  • Sex Before Marriage: How Far is Too Far? — This mini-book by Christian counselor Timothy Lane explains a biblical perspective on sexuality and the importance of marriage.
  • Sexual Addiction: Freedom from Compulsive Behavior — This mini-book by Christian counselor David Powlison describes the slow and progressive change that can take place in the life of a sex addict by the power of God. Tools and questions for introspection are given to walk a person through the long road of repentance and finding joy in God.
  • What’s Wrong with a Little Porn When You’re Single? — This mini-book by R. Nicholas Black presents seven practical steps, equipping single men to recognize what underlies the temptation to use porn, fight for obedience with hope, and rely on God for cleansing and a new start.

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  • Comments on: Single Men Battling Pornography: Win a Free Book Bundle
    1. DY

      I can’t answer the question because I am entering to win these books not only for my husband, male friends and any others that may need to borrow them, but for our 12 yo son and the other 3 boys (3 to almost 5) – when each book is age appropriate. This is such an important topic and we need all the help we can get…. Blessings!

      • That’s fine, DY. Thanks for entering!

    2. I would say the man who has helped me the most in this area is Alistair Begg. His sermons on purity are excellent and with a Scottish accent what could be better?

    3. Joe

      Three men, actually. My former pastor, Cliff Vines, whom God caused me to trust–the first person I’d trusted in 60 years. Then God put a godly counselor, Rod Campbell, in my life and I made a decision to trust him. He listened to my 60 years of spiritual upchucking, sorted through it, and showed me God’s grace working in my life; and for the first time in my 74 years I understood that God’s grace included me. Then God led me to an excellent church and its pastor, Chipley Thornton. God has been so good in causing me to trust these men in my old age. For the first time in my life I feel like a man. God is long-suffering, kind, and full of all grace. I praise His name.

    4. Timothy Mcquay

      My mentors at church, Mr Ken Burrows and my cousin Eddie McQuay

    5. Jacob

      I’m a single man who is facing the struggles of sexual purity. Taking steps toward a better way! Gods way. Thank god Jesus shed his blood for me

    6. Rich

      My Pastor Carl McKenzie has helped me greatly in my walk with God. He is a humble man of faith and has helped me greatly identify the lusts of the flesh in my life. He is supportive, loving, and great. I thank Jesus Christ everyday for His church and for giving us a shepherd that cares for His flock.

    7. Rian

      John Paul ii

    8. Michael Ondrey

      Would love to use this resource bundle to help others.

    9. Unfortunately, I have really had no man in my life to help encourage me and help keep me pure. it has only been Yeshua and me.

    10. Salvador Gomez

      Give me that bundle

    11. Salvador Gomez

      Al Martin

    12. Merlin Meerkotter

      I am a young man well still a boy in some people’s eyes..I recently have started the journey of breaking my porn addiction…a group ive joined taught me a lot…since the start of the journey my spiritual life and connection with God has grown… But yet I still need guidance to break loose and be the the soon to be adult that was meant to be

    13. There is no other man but my dear pastor who humbly is a very good role model and a great mentor. In the matter of sexual purity i was able to speak to him openly and he lead me like a good and kind shepherd, I owe a lot of what I am to him. Daniel Bara you are a star!

    14. Nathan Arthurhultz

      Greg Serafino – Pastor of Osceola Grace Brethern Church

    15. Matthew

      I have two close friends in my life that hold me accountable. They are honest with me and keep me real about my struggle. One of them was my best man at my wedding. The other was the MC at the reception.

    16. matthew

      Greg Bean who has gone on to be with the Lord always warned his students to be careful of what they watched and looked at.

    17. Greg

      My father has been very encouraging as I have battled with pornography addiction. There are many people that I have to lean on, but he has been the most constant in my life.

    18. James

      More than one, Probably my pastor Jimmy, youth pastor Andy and good mate Barry

    19. juan rivas jr

      I’m very interested in the topic
      Of pornography and lust, it’s been
      My battle for years.

    20. Stephen Archer

      I would say that there are three men in my life who have helped me to pursue holiness and godliness in my battle. Drew White, Drew Scott, and David Hawkins.

    21. Kenneth

      I have had a few good friends in college who I had an accountability group with; David, Glen, and Anthony.

    22. Jahmyl Robinson

      My accountability partner has been my friend Jeremy. He has encouraged me a lot and I thank him for it.

    23. Tevin

      John Piper! That man is awesome! MAKE WAR!!!!

    24. Aaron

      I have my youth pastor and a few friends in college who help me!

    25. Anwar

      I would have to say my Youth Pastor; he’s listened without judging, and has been able to relate. He shared with me how he got into it, and how he was finally able to beat it. He’s even gone so far as to fast with me; I’m certainly blessed to have an ally such as he!

    26. ken

      My best friend from college tyler. lived with him for a couple months after school. he knows everything about me and is always challenging me

    27. Caleb Campbell

      My pastor of the last twelve years, Bishop W.R. Portee

    28. Barry Winslow

      The person that has helped me the most is my dad. After going through years of sexual addiction, he has gotten his life changed for the better and has helped me to see the need to change. God is doing a great work through it all.

    29. Josh

      My father, youth pastor, and camp counselor.

    30. Christian

      My brother, my camp boss, camp co-workers, my college ministry leaders, and college roommates. Unfortunately, close bonds are harder to come by for me nowadays after college.

    31. Oliver

      Several preachers, one accountability partner who is my bible study teacher

    32. Anthony Donofrio

      My pastor. He has always been an example of a male role model in my life.

    33. Grant Vandervalk

      I still haven’t installed Covenant Eyes’ accountability software, since I don’t think I could afford the ongoing costs, and my wife is doing a pretty good job (I wouldn’t know who else to choose?), together with free filter software I found. I really appreciate the relevant material you are providing on your Facebook group, and the chance to read something in much more depth that I could put into practice would really help me get a hold of sexual purity. Thanks!

      • Thanks for sharing, Grant. If cost is an issue, we have a hardship program for those who cannot afford it. Let us know if you’re interested.

    34. Grant Vandervalk

      Oops, I just realised I am supposed to be answering the above question. Yes, men like Jack Sonneman of Ausfamily, and the founding pastors of our Church, Neil Thomas Ministries / InnerLife Christian Church, have certainly been great examples to me. I love reading the testimonies on the Covenant Eyes group, and in related articles. We all inspire each other, do we not? Whether we have had a wonderful born again experience, and sexual purity was something God gifted you with and which is easy for you to maintain, or if it is something you really need to work at a lot more, we have a lot to share with each other.

    35. Konstantin

      My mentor and friend Max.

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