How does the Covenant Eyes iPhone Filter Work?

Looking for a good iPhone filter? We pulled aside some of our managers and software developers to ask them some of the most frequently asked questions about our filtered browser for iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod touch®.

What is the Covenant Eyes app?

It is an Internet browser that both monitors and filters all the Internet activity that comes through it.

If you want to use this app…

  • First, sign up for Covenant Eyes services if you haven’t already.
  • Second, download the app from the App Store.
  • Using your username and password, sign into the app and start browsing the Internet.

You can customize the browser to do what you want. Depending on the services you buy for your username, you can use the accountability service, the filtering service, or both.

Why does the app only monitor itself?

Apple restricts what each app can do. Our app cannot monitor what other apps do (like Safari, YouTube, Facebook, etc.). It can only monitor itself. (Update for 2017: We just released our brand new, completely overhauled Covenant Eyes Accountability app for iPhone® and iPad®. Our patent-pending technology extends accountability coverage on the iPhone and iPad in ways that no one else can. Learn more about the new app.)

This is why our app was designed to work hand-in-hand with your device’s built-in safety features.

  • First, install Covenant Eyes.
  • Second, using your device’s restrictions, lock down Safari, YouTube, and other apps that access the Internet.
  • Make sure your Accountability Partner (like your friend or parent or spouse) holds the passcode.

How has the app improved over the years?

When we released this app in the winter of 2009, it was a bare-bones browser. There have been a number of significant updates…

  • Each update has increased stability and kills some glitches.
  • Added a Google Search bar (summer 2010)
  • Added the ability to save bookmarks (fall 2010)
  • Made the app iPad compatible (fall 2010)
  • Improved browser history (spring 2011)
  • Improved linking and image-saving functions (summer 2012)
  • New: Added filtering to the browser (for those who use the Covenant Eyes Filtering service)