Five Tips to Jumpstart Your Accountability

Giving a little attention to a few details can make a big difference in getting the most from Covenant Eyes. Better yet, we’ve made these details easier to complete!

Use this shortcut to check out the new “My Account,” which will completely replace the current “Member Center” in March. Once you sign in, here are basic but invaluable items for your Covenant Eyes checklist.

Break it up

More than one dad has been embarrassed by a list of Justin Bieber songs on his Accountability Report thanks to his daughter’s computer use. If you share your computer or mobile devices with family members, it’s easy to separate your Internet use from theirs. (Learn why you might want more than one username on your Covenant Eyes account.)

In the past, adding a username to your account required a call to our Customer Support team. Now, in your new online account, select Manage Users, and then click the Add a User link to add another username to your account.

It’s about the relationship

Accountability is worthless if you or your loved one doesn’t have an Accountability Partner. Use My Account to add partners for yourself or anyone else on your account. You can do this under the Manage Users or My Partners links. Learn more about choosing an Accountability Partner and make this a top priority if you need a partner or need one who can help you grow.

Different strokes

One size does not fit all. That’s why Covenant Eyes rates every website similar to ratings for movies and video games, including T for Teen and HM for Highly Mature. This rating system allows parents to select how sensitive the filter is for each child. And it allows Accountability Partners to decide how much they want to see on an Accountability Report. For instance, a parent may want to see every website visit that is rated Teen or above, but a mentor may only want to see sites that rate Highly Mature for an adult friend.

Use your online account to change Report Sensitivity levels or Filter Settings.

The right fit

Accountability is often the right fit for most adults, but many value the extra protection that our Windows and Mac Filter offers.

For kids, we highly recommend our Filter in addition to Accountability. Add Filtering to block sites based on age appropriateness using our website rating system, create custom block and allow lists, and decide how much time per day and the times of day each child in your home may access the Internet.

The new My Account makes it easy for a parent to add Filtering or Accountability services for any username on their account. Simply select Manage Users and then select Edit User to change or add services.

Lock them down

Parents or mentors may add a “Restricted” setting for any user on an account that they manage. This simply prevents the user from generating an uninstall code. Under Manage Users, select Edit User, then click the checkbox that says “Restricted.” Don’t forget to save your changes!

Our aim is to help our members use the Internet safely and with integrity. Once you’ve tried out your new online account, tell us what you think. Remember, this is your last chance to chime in before the old Member Center is gone for good.

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