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Squishing Some Bugs: Major iPhone browser updates (July 2012)

Last Updated: September 8, 2021

Luke Gilkerson
Luke Gilkerson

Luke Gilkerson has a BA in Philosophy and Religious Studies and an MA in Religion. He is the author of Your Brain on Porn and The Talk: 7 Lessons to Introduce Your Child to Biblical Sexuality. Luke and his wife Trisha blog at IntoxicatedOnLife.com

We just released some major updates for our iOS browser:

  • All the screens now properly function in landscape mode.
  • The “reload” and “stop loading” buttons in the address bar actually work now.
  • If you see links for phone numbers, e-mail, and maps, you can click on these just like you would in Safari.
  • You can now save images from webpages to your photo library.
  • The app menu now includes options to e-mail or tweet the webpage you are viewing.

Other changes include:

  • We improved the overall stability of the app.
  • Some users experienced a bug when they tried to enter their Covenant Eyes password. This has been fixed.
  • We improved the ability to open and close tabs.
  • We added AirPrint support.
  • We added a feature that checks the pasteboard when the browser is opened to see if a URL is present and offers to open it when one is found.

Our app is free for all Covenant Eyes accountability users. Go the app store to download it to your iPhone®, iPod touch®, or iPad®.

  • Comments on: Squishing Some Bugs: Major iPhone browser updates (July 2012)
    1. Get work on this guys! Please keep it up. CE is a great and very needed program!

    2. I’ve updated, love what I can see of the new features, but CE crashes every time I click on the new page/app icon. I’ve tried countless times with the same results. Any thoughts?

      • Dave Caswell

        @Doug – Sorry to hear about the trouble you’re having. We have had a few reports of this. We have found that uninstalling the app and then reinstalling from the app store does clear up the issue. We are also working on a quick fix for the issue, although if you uninstall and reinstall, that will be just as effective.

    3. chuck

      Agree with Doug… every time I click the “new page” icon, it crashes the app. Will there be another update to fix this bug soon?

      • Dave Caswell

        I have an update nearly ready to go. It’s just going through our review process before I can submit it to Apple.

        In the meantime, uninstalling the app and then reinstalling from the store, would clear things up

    4. James

      Are you working on updates for the Android app also?

      • Dave Caswell

        Absolutely! We are getting into the end stages of development for a pretty significant CE for Android update. Was there something in particular you’re hoping for in an update to our Android app?

    5. Cody

      Praise God! You guys really improved the functionality of your app! Thank you so much :) I even called tech support today to pass along the good word ^__^ Keep it up! And may the Lord bless you for what you are doing.

    6. Luke Gilkerson

      For those who were experiencing the app crashing, we released another minor upgrade last night that fixes this problem. It is now in the app store if you haven’t already seen it.

    7. Just a Thought...

      First, thank you for CE. It’s been saving my life. Second, I am a Mac user and an iphone user. I use my iphone with safari disabled (my friend locked it for me). I understand apples’ new operating system (Mountain Lion) has a feature where Safari history is synced up via iCloud on all apple devices (macbook, ipad, iPhone). I was wondering if you guys thought about using this sync feature that will allow iphone users to USE safari on the iPhone and allow the browser history on the iphone get synced up via the cloud and reported to CE via the Macbook OSX CE. What do you think?

      • Dave Caswell

        Thanks for the suggestion.

        Unfortunately there are a few issues that would not make this a viable solution. It’s true that when iOS 6 is released in the fall, there will be some interaction between desktop versions of Safari and mobile Safari, but not to the extent you mentioned. In the new versions of Safari, there will be an option to tap an iCloud button and see the tabs that are open on other devices in Safari. It isn’t a full on ‘stay in sync’ option like what we are seeing in the Chrome browser. So the only activity the would crossover from mobile Safari to desktop Safari is that which was explicitly opened on the desktop version by the user.

        Some other issues would be the lack of ability to stop someone from simply turning off iCloud synching from mobile Safari and being unable to report such an action even after the fact.

        Thanks for this suggestion! It’s always good to see our customers trying to think outside the box and offer us ideas to make our solutions better.

    8. David

      Do you guys have an update coming out soon for Mac OS X? It’d be great to clear up the circumvention bug ASAP. Thanks!

    9. Alex

      Hello, I love the app, but I am having two issues. First, I cannot open links from emails. It is not a huge deal, as I can copy and paste, but I was wondering if it was a know issue. Second, if I try and start a new search in another tab, it overrides the other tabs and opens the page in them as well, meaning I can only use one tab. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

      • Luke Gilkerson

        Alex, the first issue you mentioned in something forced by Apple. We can’t be the default browser: only Safari gets that privilege. We’ve not heard about any problems with tabs before. Are you running the latest version of the app?

    10. David

      Anyone ever considered legal challenge to the inability to change the iPhone browser? I remember Microsoft getting hit in court for just bundling IE for a while, and barring default browser changes is much more monopolistic!

    11. James

      Could CE develop an accountability app that tracks web activity on an iPhone which is using something other than Safari as its browser? Or would the Apple operating system not allow that sort of approach?

      • As you probably know, our current app does not monitor web browsing in Safari. Our app is itself a web browser than monitors only itself. As of right now, Apple has limited our ability to develop anything more than this. The apps on an iPhone don’t really communicate with each other in a way that would make reporting possible.

    12. Will

      Thank you covenant eyes for what you have done. Your app has been extremely helpful and you have done a great job improving the browser. I’ve read how apple restricts your ability to monitor other apps. I read about mobile spy and their ability to log all websites visited. Not sure how they do it, but they have it listed in their features for iPhone here m.mobile-spy.com/iphone.html. Hope covenant eyes can do this too.

      • Lisa Eldred

        Hi Will, thanks for your feedback! I’ll pass the link on.

    13. David

      Not sure if its just my iPhone or others. I have iOS 6.1 and iPhone 4.

      When I tap on share link > share link by email. My portrait mode viewport gets cut off to about 200px wide so it is very hard to type emails and autocomplete people’s email addresses.

      As a ux/ui dev i was wondering if you have you received any feedback on the “+” icon? The “+” icon can be somewhat confusing as people like me can be used to “+” meaning add bookmark or something else rather than a “more options menu”.

      • Thanks for letting us know. You’re the only person we’ve heard from about this issue so far, but we will keep our eye peeled for anything like this from our users. We’ll look into the problem for you.

        As for using the +, we’ve never heard any feedback about this. Thanks for letting us know your thoughts! I’ve made sure your comments are read by to our lead developer.

    14. Jonathan

      The “Save Image” feature no longer works. When an image is selected, two options come up: Save Image” or “Email Image”. Neither do anything.

      • Jake Shotrosky

        Hey Jonathan,
        In order for our browser to save images to the device, Covenant Eyes needs to be given permission to access photos on the device. If the app updated recently, this setting may have been reset. You can open your Settings app, scroll down to Covenant Eyes and select it to see if our app has permission.

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