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Personal Purity and a Passion for Justice

Last Updated: March 21, 2014

Luke Gilkerson
Luke Gilkerson

Luke Gilkerson has a BA in Philosophy and Religious Studies and an MA in Religion. He is the author of Your Brain on Porn and The Talk: 7 Lessons to Introduce Your Child to Biblical Sexuality. Luke and his wife Trisha blog at IntoxicatedOnLife.com

“Justice Week” on Covenant Eyes Radio – Episode 110


All this week we are exploring the issue of sex trafficking, hearing the stories of ordinary people who are doing extraordinary things to combat this evil around the world.

Today we are interviewing Noel Bouché, the Vice President of pureHOPE, an organization that has spent the better part of three decades equipping the church to stand for purity. Today Noel speaks about:

  • What a lifestyle of purity entails
  • Some of the practical ways pureHOPE can help the church
  • The pureJUSTICE internship experience, a paid internship for college-age students, to become equipped to fight sexual exploitation
Music for today’s podcast is “It’s Slavery” by Ten Shekel Shirt.
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