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How Covenant Eyes Keeps Me Away From Pornography

Last Updated: June 9, 2021

Victory Stories
Victory Stories

Every day at Covenant Eyes we hear inspiring stories of victory over porn. Here are just a few of them.


Covenant Eyes has been a true blessing for me the past four months, ever since my friend Cedric recommended it to me.

Sadly, in our society these days, explicit material such as pornography has become so widely available to everyone, and thankfully, Covenant Eyes and God’s grace have helped to protect me from that.

It’s my belief that God uses and appoints fellow brothers and sisters in Him to do good works in the lives of others. That’s what we were created for by God: to do good works of love. In this case, Christ has appointed four blessed men to keep me accountable in my journey. Furthermore, I am truly thankful and blessed by this excellent layer of protection given to me by God through Covenant Eyes, on my computer and in my life, to keep me walking in a path of purity and holiness.

Thank you!

-Matt (Bloomington, IL)

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    1. My daughter and son in law bought this “filter” for us due to her siblings getting onto questionable web sites. However, it blocked benign websites like libraries and as the parent, I could not access the filter under any circumstances. Be VERY VERY careful that you know what you are getting into before installing this filter on your computer. It is like a living virus and interferes with other programs and software on your computer. We could not even access the library web site without it saying this is not an allowable web site to visit. As the Dad in the household, I could not access anything to do with the filter or make ANY changes or adjustments. I DO NOT recommend this filter to anyone.

    2. @ D Coombs

      Covenant Eyes has a filter, but this post isn’t about the filter product at all. Its about the accountability software.

      If you want to readjust your filter settings, we’d be happy to help you do it. The Filter Guarding should look at these helpful videos to learn how

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