4 thoughts on “Hope for the Homosexual: First Stone Ministries

  1. I just wonder what you think of Alan Chamber’s comments at a couple of events this year where he said that nobody in his global ex-gay ministry has ever changed from homosexual to heterosexual.

    • Pretty sweeping statement, isn’t it? It would be good to know where he gets his ideas from. After all, to say “nobody” is a bit of a boast. Has he interviewed each person who ever claimed this? Does he have some profound psychological insight that no one else has on this?

  2. Uhm, hey. I’m 16 and I am a closeted gay teen. I have been under depression for some years now because I found out the painful truth when I was 10; I’m gay. I can recount one devastating sexual experience I had as a little boy. When I was 6, I was forced to have sex with a maid and ‘she’ did not literally “hurt” me but only made easy pleasure for herself. I did not like the idea but kept my mouth shut and just did what she wanted whenever she reckoned. I felt shame and guilt, and I did not like what she made me do but I wasn’t interested in it either. Yes of course, I undoubtedly felt pleasure but it seemed so unnatural and ‘disgusting’ then. I was so plain and unenthusiastic that she thought I must’ve been too nerdy. This is a total contrast to Black’s story. I had no homosexual encounter and didn’t even know it existed until I started having strange feelings – at 10.
    When I found out that I was gay, I remembered my elementary school years. I was so not masculine and I always preferred to hang out and play with the girls in my class. I detested all the rough boys. I don’t have an effeminate voice and neither do I catwalk but I am far beyond the masculinity standard of the average boy in my society. And oh, I’m Nigerian. For 6 years, I have detested myself and withdrawn from God because I thought He and society directly and straightly showcased hatred for me; for who I am. I recently found solace with myself as God answered my prayer – my final prayer. Yeah, I told Him this:
    “I love You Lord. I really and truly do. I would never want to hurt you in any way. But, I am faced with a great challenge which I cannot trace to its origin. I have truthfully asked for answers countless times. But maybe I haven’t been faithful all these years. Now I understand the importance of faith. I believe you would answer me this time and I am diligently waiting for it.”
    I left it all to Him and totally decided to ignore everything related to sexuality until I needed it. It was a difficult decision, believe me. The very next day, as I was sourcing for my CommonApp essay, I stumbled upon so many sex articles. It was spontaneous, really! I search for “stanford commonapp essays” and the 3rd item on the next page has some relationship to sexual purity. I was totally confused. I kept ignoring them until they proved too many. I asked God to help overcome the temptation but I finally succumbed to reading one. It was the one that made me totally understand and accept myself.


    I am so happy God found me and I pray he also helps me gain the acceptance of people around me. Please, bigotry and close-mindedness are not and will never be part of the will of God in our lives. We should bypass human criticism and focus on the fruits of the Spirit. That, I believe, is what God wills for every human he created. Scornfully looking down on people because they aren’t like you will never work; no matter how much prevarication you employ to support it. I rest my case.

    P.S. If this comment eventually gets published – and anyone decides to comment – I politely request that you use simple and quite average grammar.

    Thank you.

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