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Upcoming Women’s Rally and Simulcast – Fighting Pornography in the Home

Last Updated: July 14, 2021

Guest Author
Guest Author

Want to write for the Covenant Eyes blog? Share the story of your journey to freedom from pornography. Let us know how you overcame porn or how Covenant Eyes has made a difference in your life or the lives of those you love.

The human eye acts as a camera for our brain. The images that are projected through its lens are forever scored into our memory, spinning around, cycling through patterns of recall. When you least expect it, the memory, with its vivid imagery, projects an instant replay of the moment captured through the eyes’ lenses. Emotions that are attached to the recollection are evoked as well. If pleasure is what we derived from the image, we want to revisit the sweet surrender to its call. No danger in that. No harm, no foul. Or, is there?

Some images are addictive. The moment your eyes engage in the spectacle before you, forces grab hold of your innermost being and beckon the slave to bow before its master. You return again and again and still again until your hunger for satisfaction is out of control. You rise with an appetite to feed the beast within you. You fall, burrowing into the darkness you have confused with light. You anticipate moments alone, risking interruption at work and home on the computer, or in the restroom with your cell phone. You make light conversation at the dinner table, and get caught in a blank stare at your child awaiting an answer to her question. Your contact with your spouse has been limited, more distant, and seldom intimate. Your mind is cluttered, confused. There are so many images embedded. Some boringm others tantalizing, yet lacking. You desire to discover new ways to please. Your mind is seasoned with guilt over the kids’ college funds you’ve squandered on your addiction. Nothing matters more than fulfilling the need that has become the purpose for your very existenceneither spouse nor children, neither parents nor job, neither material possessions nor even God.

Pornography: addictive visual rapture. It can also be audible; you can be talked into sexually immoral behaviors. It is penned across pages of thousands of romance novels and magazines. In God’s discerning eyes, it’s sin. No fleshly contact, but you have engaged in virtual sex. Your heart and mind have gone right there in the sexual act with someone outside of your marriage, or even in your single, unmarried state. It’s still sin, no matter how you slice it. As Christians, how does that square? We are called to be imitators Christ.

The depiction (above) of the pornography addiction process is indicative of the demise of each of these entities within a person’s life: once ingested, the poison of pornography begins to devour the strong fiber of morality within a Christian’s walk with Christ; It weakens the bond between husband and wife; eventually, it can destroy the harmony within the home, leaving the stability and security which nurtures our children’s sense of commitment to relationships in gaunt ruins.

My HIM Day is designed to educate women to claim, protect and defend –

  • He [Jesus] Is Mine,
  • My Husband Is Mine,
  • My Home Is Mine.

On September 13, 2008, Beyond This Point Ministries will launch the first of many simulcast rallies across the United States to fight pornography within the home. When we begin within the home, we are fighting for the greatest cause. Fighting back means taking control of the technologies that provide accessibility to pornography, and it begins in your home. Becoming aware of the signs and symptoms of addictive behavior and learning how to be bold in addressing its presence is the beginning to reclaiming our culture. We can’t change the whole world, but we can make a difference in our homes and personal lives.

We have partnered up with Covenant Eyes, a company which offers men and women an alternate means of accountability and another set of watchful eyes for mom and dad. What a philippians-4marvelous organization of godly peoplethe men and women of Covenant Eyes, who are set apart with the mission of aiding those who are struggling to resist the temptations of pornography. A Covenant Eyes representative will be present at My HIM Day to speak briefly on its benefits and rewards.

Be careful what your eyes photograph. They belong to the Lord. We are His temples. If our eyes, ears, minds and bodies are in bondage to sin, we are not honoring God with our lives. Don’t miss the first rally to be held in the Kentuckiana area. If your church is interested in bringing this dynamic program to your community, please contact me at www.joyceoglesby.com or www.myHIMday.com.

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blog-faceThe following is a guest post from Joyce Oglesby. Joyce is the author of Keeping His Pants On Until He Gets Home, a book for women about whys and hows of preserving sexual and emotional intimacy in marriage.  Joyce has been a minister’s wife for more than 36 years, and is a proud mother and grandmother. Joyce is also the organizer of My HIM Day, a special simulcast presentation alerting women to the damaging effects of pornography on the home and marriage.
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    1. Do you have more info on where the simulcast will be presented in Missoula? or even around MT? I’d love to post that info on my blog.

    2. Angie, the launch of My HIM Day is going to be in the Kentuckiana area. It will be taken nationwide. As areas become aware due to interest like yours, I will target the area. There will be DVDs available for purchase of the presentation if you’re interested. Please contact me through my website and we can discuss bringing My HIM Day to your area.

      May God bless your days.
      Joyce Oglesby, Author/Speaker/Him Day Organizer

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