I am Ron

I am the founder and President of Covenant Eyes. Mostly I’m a geologist with a propensity for starting businesses. But in 2000, I had two teen-aged sons on the Internet, and realized the need for accountability. So a young man and I started a business, an industry really.

In 1992 (August 21, 9:50AM), I lost my wife and my only two children in a car accident. They were stopped on a highway for another accident, and 30 seconds later a tanker truck filled with kerosene never slowed down, punctured my wife’s gas tank, and the fiery explosion was so hot, it was hours before the police could even read the VIN number for identification. All of my 58 years are divided into “before” and “after” that moment.

I’m sure I’ll get back to this story in months to come. But for now, the reason I bring it up is that I received a significant settlement from that accident. I used some of the money to start a ministry, a retreat and counseling center (Nehemiah Ministries, www.nehemiahm.org) here in south-central Michigan, for pastors and missionaries. We have a wonderful guest house on 160 acres, and don’t charge for any of our services.

With the remainder of the money, I figured I was retired, and able to maintain my family as I managed the ministry. But along came Covenant Eyes. I didn’t think it would take as much to get it going as it has. But as we went along, my passion and burden for the devastating effects of Internet pornography weighed heavier and heavier, and I could not stop. From a business standpoint, or from the standpoint of security of my family, I actually thought about stopping in September, 2000. But God kept opening doors, and I could not stop. By July of 2002, the cost proved to be far greater than I anticipated.

But the testimonials of our members proved, and continue to prove, that it was worth it. How much is one marriage saved worth? Or one child’s future? So as you read this and (if you are a member) as you use Covenant Eyes, the legacy of Patricia, Ann (7 years old), and Stephen (4 1/2 years old) is there, way down, down, down deep. There is little that happens here at Covenant Eyes that does not pass through the depths of that legacy.