Why isn’t my Accountability Partner receiving my Reports?

If your Accountability Partner has not received a Report, check the following:

  1. Has your Partner received the invitation e-mail? When you add an Accountability Partner to your account, this person should receive an invitation e-mail from Covenant Eyes asking them to confirm whether they would like to be your Partner. Your Partner may have not received the e-mail or may not have followed the prompts in the e-mail to agree to be your Partner. (Read: My Accountability Partner didn’t receive an invitation e-mail.)
  2. Has enough time passed for a Report to be generated? Your partners can opt to receive an e-mailed Report once every three days, once a week, or once every two weeks. The default setting to receive Reports is once a week.
  3. Are the Reports being sent to your Accountability Partner’s spam folder? Have your Partner check the spam settings for his/her e-mail address. If that was the problem, make sure your Accountability Partner adds reports@covenanteyes.com to their list of Always Allowed e-mail addresses.
  4. Does your Partner use Gmail? Sometimes Gmail has placed Accountability Reports into their Promotions tab. Your Partner can manually move them into the Primary inbox. (Read: I Use Gmail, and My Accountability Reports Have Stopped Coming!)
  5. Does your Partner use AOL or Verizon as their e-mail provider? Recently both AOL and Verizon’s e-mail servers have blocked our Reports from even reaching your Partner’s inbox. This results in a bounced e-mail. A bounced e-mail alert will then be sent to both you and your partner from Covenant Eyes. The best solution is to contact AOL and Verizon to have reports@covenanteyes.com allowed.

If your Partner still has not received a Report, please call our Customer Support Team.

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