Why is Covenant Eyes signing out frequently?

There are several possible reasons why Covenant Eyes is frequently signing out.

  1. Do you have an ISP filter? Sometimes Internet Service Providers have built in filters that are not compatible with Covenant Eyes. If you need assistance, call our Customer Support Team.
  2. Do you have a steady Internet connection? Covenant Eyes needs a steady connection to the Internet to work properly. If your computer is losing connection to the Internet for 30 seconds or longer, Covenant Eyes will automatically sign out. This is because the software is not able to determine whether the connection was lost or if someone is trying to circumvent the software. We understand this can pose an inconvenience, but we would rather have Covenant Eyes sign out than to allow anyone unmonitored or unfiltered access to the Internet. If you are using a wireless connection, try to find a stronger signal by getting closer to the router. If you are using a wired connection, check to make sure your modem is working properly.
  3. Do you have a firewall on your computer? Sometimes firewalls are configured to block Covenant Eyes from working. If you are unsure about how to reconfigure your firewall, call our Customer Support Center. (Read: Does Covenant Eyes conflict with other programs?)
  4. How is Covenant Eyes configured on your computer? If you are using a Windows machine, right-click on the Covenant Eyes icon in the system tray near the clock. Click “Configure.” You will see a checkbox labeled, “Do not use this unless instructed to do so by technical support: Use SSL to connect to Covenant Eyes.” Unless you have been directed to do so by one of our Customer Account Representatives, make sure this box is un-checked.

If you have any questions, please call our Customer Support Team.