Why does a URL on my report show a blank page?

Most websites are made up of stories, links, photos, images, ads and art, and typically each of these elements are assigned an individual Web address called a URL. (Read: What does Covenant Eyes monitor?) Covenant Eyes captures URLs accessed by your computer, as well as the time and date when the URL (stories, images, etc.) appeared on your computer screen. Many of these URLs are “supporting” URLs, and are behind the scenes in viewing a website. These URLs will appear as blank pages when viewed from the Web Address Details page. If you have Covenant Eyes installed on your computer, you can see this in action. Click on the Covenant Eyes icon, then select “Show URL Log.” This will show all recently visited URLs. Click on “Clear List” at the bottom of the window. (This will not affect your Accountability Reports.)

Fig. 1: URL log with no URLs recorded

Next, go to yahoo.com, then reopen your URL log. Although you just visited one Web page, Covenant Eyes captured a much larger number of URLs, including images and ads. Notice that all of these URLs come in at the same time.

Fig. 2: URL log with URLs captured from yahoo.com

If you believe one of these supporting sites was rated incorrectly, you may request a rating change.

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