What is the difference between an Account Administrator, Accountability Partner, and Filter Guardian?

There are several roles that someone can have on a Covenant Eyes account. Account Administrators, Accountability Partners, and Filter Guardians all have different definitions and interactions with an account and the users. One single person can be all of these roles, or they can be divided between many people.

Account Administrator

This individual is in charge of the entire account and usually gets selected during sign up. The Account Administrator can update the billing information, download the software, add/remove users, generate uninstall codes, add/remove Accountability Partners, and add/remove Filter Guardians. The Account Administrator is also the only one who can cancel an account.

Accountability Partner

This role is selected by the Accountability User or the Account Administrator. An Accountability Partner is a person who receives the Accountability Reports and has conversations with the user about their Internet activity. An e-mail invitation will be sent to the chosen Accountability Partner. In order for them to begin receiving Reports they will need to accept the invitation.

Accountability Partners are in charge of how frequently they receive the Reports and the Report Sensitivity Level. Accountability Partners can also generate an Accountability Report and a Detailed Browsing Log by signing in to My Account on our website. An Accountability user can have an unlimited number of Accountability Partners.

Filter Guardian

Like an Accountability Partner, this role can be selected by either the user or the Account Administrator. This person is in charge of a user’s Filter settings. With their username and password, they can sign into the Covenant Eyes website to add blocked times, add items to the block or allow lists, and adjust the Filter Sensitivity Level. With the exception of adding sites to the block list, which is accessible to any Filter user, they are the only one who can change these Filter settings. We strongly suggest that the Filter user not be the Filter Guardian, and instead assign that role to someone else.

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