What is the difference between Accountability Reports and the Detailed Logs?

With the Covenant Eyes’ Accountability Service, you have access to the Covenant Eyes Accountability Report and the Detailed Browsing Log. For the best understanding of the information that Covenant Eyes provides, the Accountability Report and the Detailed Browsing Log should be used together. The Accountability Report typically gives users the information that they need to have a discussion with their Partner. However, using the Detailed Browsing Log can help increase clarity about specific entries.

Accountability Reports

The Accountability Report allows you to easily review your Internet activity or that of the person you hold accountable. It focuses on the most relevant information, including any incidents of explicit activity, as well as other websites that were rated above your Report Sensitivity Level, and therefore may be potentially inappropriate. You can set a specific rating level for your Report, or customize how frequently you receive Accountability Reports, through your online account. (Read: How can I customize my Accountability Report?)

Detailed Browsing Logs

The Covenant Eyes Detailed Browsing Log differs from the Accountability Report in a few important ways. Unlike the Accountability Report, the Detailed Browsing Log must be generated in “My Account” and cannot be emailed to you. Where the Accountability Report provides a summary of device activity with high ratings, the Detailed Browsing Log lists every URL associated with a particular domain, including images, stories, advertisements, etc. These logs receive ratings and are displayed by the date and time when they were viewed. You can search for the URLs associated with a particular domain by typing a keyword into the search box. You may also select a specific time, in 15-minute increments, within a particular day by using the “Jump to a time” dropdown box. If you are only concerned about entries with high ratings, you may click “Next High Rating” to move forward through the log, or “Previous High Rating” to move backward.