What is a URL?

Most websites are made up of stories, links, photos, images, ads and art. Typically each of these elements are assigned an individual Web address called a URL.

Covenant Eyes captures URLs generated by your computer and then provides a rating for each one. It also captures the time and date when the URL (stories, images, etc.) appeared on your computer screen.

You are likely familiar with the term Internet history. This is typically a list of website addresses, or URLs, that have appeared in the address bar of your Internet browser (such as Internet Explorer and Firefox). Covenant Eyes captures all of these URLs, plus all of the URLs (photos, stories, ads, etc.) that make up each Web page viewed.

Covenant Eyes also captures URLs generated by computer programs, which access the Internet for updates, advertising, etc. Most of these program URLs go unnoticed and only appear in the Detailed Browsing Log.

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