What do Partners see on the Report?

Accountability Reports contain an overview of the websites you visited, including a general rating for each site along with the dates and times the sites were accessed. Sites with more mature subject matter will typically be rated higher than other sites.

Every Report has its own sensitivity level.

Your Partner can choose how sensitive the Reports are. For example, if your Partner wants to see all the searches and websites rated “Teen” and above, then he or she can set the report sensitivity to T (Teen). If your Partner wants to see only material rated “Highly Mature,” he or she can set the sensitivity level to HM (Highly Mature). Learn more about the Report settings.

You can adjust Accountability Reports to four different age-based sensitivity levels.

Some features your Partner will see on the report:

1. Searches – Any web searches you do that are at or above the report sensitivity setting will show up on your Report.

2. Activity for Review – Any web domains you visit with high rated sites will be listed.

3. Average Hourly Usage – A graph will show the hours of day you use the Internet the most.

There are other features your Partner can choose to see as well.

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