How do I use Covenant Eyes on a shared device?

Covenant Eyes works best when each person in your home uses a unique Covenant Eyes username to access the Internet. Then, whether they choose to access the Internet on a personal smartphone or on a shared computer, they will use their unique username to sign into Covenant Eyes, and their Internet use will be compiled onto their own unique Accountability Report.

Learn more about adding usernames to your account.

Switching Usernames

When you are the only person who uses a particular device, your best option is to set Covenant Eyes to sign you in automatically when you turn on your computer. That way, your Internet use will be tracked automatically.

Using Covenant Eyes on a shared device isn’t much harder. All you have to do is sign into Covenant Eyes when you’re ready to use the Internet, then sign out when you’re done. The next person will then sign in to Covenant Eyes using their username and sign out when they’re done. Each person’s activity will go on his or her own Report, and they will be Filtered based on any Filter settings tied to their username.

Covenant Eyes and User Profiles

The Windows and Mac operating systems allow you to set up multiple user profiles on your computer, allowing each person to set up their own desktops with the programs they need and save the files they create. These user profiles are separate from Covenant Eyes usernames and passwords, but they make sharing a computer with separate Covenant Eyes accounts even easier.

Each user should sign into their computer profile, then sign in to Covenant Eyes and check the box that allows them to stay signed in. When they sign out of their user profile, they will be signed out of Covenant Eyes at the same time, and when they sign back into their user profile, they will automatically be signed into Covenant Eyes again.

 How to use multiple Covenant Eyes usernames on Windows

How to use multiple Covenant Eyes usernames on Mac