How do I uninstall the Android app?

Due to manufacturer restrictions, we are currently unable to enforce an uninstall code for removal of the Covenant Eyes app from Android Devices for users who have the ability to generate an uninstall code. However, immediately upon uninstall, the user’s Accountability Partner will receive an e-mail stating that the app has been removed. Users who do not have the ability to generate an uninstall code are still prohibited from uninstalling our app without an uninstall code, which the administrator can generate through “My Account” or by calling customer service.

To uninstall Covenant Eyes from your Android device:

  • Open the app and click “uninstall.”
  • A message will appear reminding you that your Accountability Partner will receive an e-mail. Choose “Yes” if you wish to proceed.
  • Click on “Uninstall” to remove the app. Your Accountability Partner(s) will be notified via e-mail that you have uninstalled.

Due to an early 2018 change to the Android OS, we are currently experiencing some service issues on Android phones and tablets, which can usually be fixed by simply restarting the device. We are currently testing a more permanent fix and expect to release it soon.

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