How do I uninstall the Android app?

For users that have uninstall privileges, Covenant Eyes can be removed without an uninstall code, but immediately upon uninstall, the user’s Accountability Partner(s) will receive an email stating that an uninstall took place. Users that had uninstall privileges removed by their Administrator cannot remove Covenant Eyes without an uninstall code, and cannot generate an uninstall code online. Their Administrator can generate an uninstall code for them on “My Account” or by calling Customer Support. Once a code is generated, it is valid for only that day and expires at midnight EST.

Disclaimer: Due to manufacturer settings, some Android models allow any app to be deactivated and uninstalled, regardless of Covenant Eyes’ settings.  

To uninstall Covenant Eyes from your Android device:

  1. Open the Covenant Eyes app and click “Uninstall.”

2. A message will appear reminding you that your Accountability Partner(s) will receive an email notification that you have uninstalled. Choose “Yes” if you wish to proceed.

3. Click “Ok” to remove the app. Your Accountability Partner(s) will be notified via email that you have uninstalled.