Common Questions Partners Have

When will I get the first report?

Accountability Partners get the first report the day after they agree to be a Partner. Partners can adjust how often these reports are sent to them.

I never got the Report!

Occasionally, the Accountability Partner e-mails are captured by spam filters. So please check your junk mail, bulk mail, or spam mail folder and see if Accountability Partner e-mails are being sent there.

You may want to copy these two e-mail addresses to your e-mail address book: and Adding these addresses will ensure that an e-mail spam filter will not discard reports from Covenant Eyes.

If neither of these work, please contact our Customer Support Team at 877.479.1119.

What is the “Detailed Browsing Log”?

The Accountability Report acts as a summary or overview of questionable sites and searches, but the Detailed Browsing Log offers Partners a complete list of all web addresses (along with the days, times, and ratings).

Partners can generate a Detailed Log in the Reports section of their online account.

The times on the report look off. Why is this?

The user should adjust their time zone settings. Have the user log in to his or her account and click on “My Profile.” There they can adjust for the correct time zone.

The report shows “Device Activity Missing.” Why is this?

This means the user has not been using his or her Covenant Eyes username to access the Internet for the time period of the Report. This could mean that the user has not been online at all. It could mean the user has been logging in under another username. Or it could mean the user is getting online using a device without Covenant Eyes installed.

How long after visiting a site does it appear on the Accountability Report?

A site does not appear immediately on an Accountability Report. It can take up to 24 hours for our system to process a batch of websites, but often it takes only a few hours.

What if a site was rated incorrectly?

If you believe a record in a Report was rated incorrectly, click on the URL. On the next screen, you can either view the link by clicking “Open it anyway” or request a rating change by clicking “Request a Ratings Change” and following the instructions on the next page. Our Rating Team will evaluate your request.


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