Common Report Questions

When will I get the first Report?

Accountability Partners get the first Report the day they accept the emailed invitation. Partners can adjust how often these Reports are sent.

I never got the Report!

Occasionally, the Reports are captured by spam email filters. Check your junk, bulk, or spam mail folders to see if this happened. Copy this address to your email address book: Adding this address will ensure that an email spam filter will not discard reports from Covenant Eyes.

What is the “Detailed Browsing Log”?

The Report acts as a summary of questionable sites and searches. The Detailed Browsing Log offers Partners a complete list of all web addresses regardless of rating. Partners can generate a Detailed Log in the View Reports section of My Account

Why are the Report times off?

The user should adjust their time zone settings. Have the user sign in to his or her account and click on “My Profile” to adjust for the correct time zone.

The Report says “Activity Unknown.”

This could be due to one of three things: the user was not actually online, Covenant Eyes is not installed on any devices, or the user is signed in with the wrong username. Read “Why does the Report say “Activity Unknown? for more information.

Do sites instantly appear on the Report?

Sites don’t appear immediately on Reports. It can take up to 24 hours to process a batch of websites, but often it takes only a few hours.

What if a site was rated incorrectly?

If you believe a website was rated incorrectly, click on the URL from the report. You can view the link by clicking “Open it anyway” or request a rating change by clicking “Request a Rating change.” Follow the instructions on the next page and our Rating Team will evaluate your request. For more information, read  “How do I submit a Report question or rating change request?