Tips for Accountability Users to Help Their Accountability Partners

If you personally use Internet Accountability, here are some tips to making your Accountability Partner’s job easier:

1. Make your goals and expectations clear.

If you signed up for Internet Accountability with a specific goal in mind, your partner needs to know what it is in order to help you achieve it. Likewise, if you have specific expectations about what Accountability should look like, make them clear from the beginning. Tell your partner about any red flags to look for, and how often you want to talk.

2. Get your own Reports at the same setting.

When you and your partner talk about your Internet use, it will be helpful to see what he sees. Set yourself up to receive your own Accountability Reports on the same day your partner does.

3. Schedule a conversation.

Try to set aside a certain amount of time every week to have a conversation with your Accountability Partner. Although the purpose of the phone call may be to talk about your Internet use, don’t forget to ask him about his own life and struggles. This will help strengthen and deepen your Accountability relationship.

4. Be proactive.

As you continue to build trust in your Accountability relationship, there may be times when you find it’s important to contact your Accountability Partner outside of your regularly scheduled time. Reasons for this range from dealing with immediate temptations to just having visited a site that looks compromising but is not. Both of these scenarios will help your Accountability Partner interpret your report correctly.

5. Encourage a reciprocal relationship.

Depending on your motives for signing up for Accountability in the first place, you may want to encourage your Partner to sign up as well, and make you an Accountability partner. This will help you both grow in purity online.