There is a site on my allow list that I didn’t put there. How could this happen?

There are two ways a site can be added to the allow list: (1) by using the Filter Guardian’s username and password, or (2) when “Automatic Overrides” are turned on.

(1) If you believe someone has figured out your username and password, you can change your password in your online account. Once you are signed in, click on “Change Password” under “My Profile” and change your password from there.

(2) On Windows, automatic overrides allow a user to access a page blocked by the Filter by entering their username and password to the Filter block page. This page is added to the Allow list. (On other devices, these settings are preserved until the user refreshes Covenant Eyes or signs out.)

If you are unsure if a particular Filter user has automatic overrides enabled, sign into your online account. Under “Filter Settings,” find the user you want to check and click “Edit Settings.” If you do not want this user to have the ability to override the Filter, make sure the top “Override” box is not checked.

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