I use Gmail, and my Accountability Reports have stopped coming!

With Google’s newly redesigned inbox, some Covenant Eyes members have reported that they are not receiving their Internet Accountability Reports. Google may have started to send your Accountability Reports to the Promotions tab or Spam folder.

Moving Covenant Eyes E-mails out of the Promotions tab

If your Reports or other e-mails from Covenant Eyes have moved to a secondary tab in Gmail, such as Promotions or Updates, you can easily move them into your Primary tab.

With your mouse, click and drag the message into the Primary inbox.


You will then see a message, asking if you want all messages from that e-mail address to go to the Primary inbox. Click “Yes.”


Please note that Covenant Eyes sends messages from more than one e-mail address, so you may need to move more than one message from your Promotions tab to your Primary inbox. (For example, Reports are sent from reports@covenanteyes.com, and Pure Minds Online is sent from resources@covenanteyes.com.)

You may want to periodically check the Promotions folder to make sure you aren’t missing any important messages from Covenant Eyes.

Moving Covenant Eyes E-mails out of the Spam Folder

If e-mails from Covenant Eyes have been going into your Spam folder, click the checkboxes next to these e-mails, then click the “Not Spam” button at the top of the page.


The e-mails you marked as not spam will disappear from your Spam folder. They may move to your Primary inbox, or to your Promotions or Updates tabs. If the e-mails appear in a tab other than Primary, simply follow the steps above to move them into your Primary inbox.

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