I use AOL or Verizon as my e-mail provider and the Accountability Reports are being bounced!

Some e-mail providers, like AOL and Verizon, have taken extra precautions to protect users from receiving spam e-mail. Outside of your usual spam folder, e-mail providers have began prohibiting spam e-mails from even reaching your inbox.

Our Accountability Reports have similar characteristics to spam e-mail due to the number of URLs recorded on each Report. This can affect you or your Accountability Partner’s ability to receive your Reports.

If our Accountability Report has been blocked from reaching your inbox, we will send a bounced e-mail alert to you and your Accountability Partner, which you can also use as a reminder to generate a Report online.  The more permanent solution is to contact AOL or Verizon to have them allow reports@covenanteyes.com to be allowed through to your inbox.