How many devices can I install Covenant Eyes on and how much does it cost?

Covenant Eyes offers two types of accounts: Personal and Family accounts. Both accounts offer unlimited devices.


Personal Accounts: For individuals and couples without kids

Covenant Eyes charges for additional usernames for Personal Accounts. If you want to monitor another person’s internet activity, you’ll need to add a separate username and password for them. The additional username will separate their internet activity from yours, sending it on a separate Report. The cost for adding an additional username starts at $2.00 and goes up to $3.50 depending on what services you add to that new username.

  • Starts at $11.99
  • $2 per additional Accountability user
  • $1.50 for Filtering, per person

Family Accounts: For families with kids in the home

If you have a family that you want to protect online with Covenant Eyes, sign up for a Family Account. The Family Account is the most cost effective plan for families because the Family Account allows for multiple usernames to be added to the account for a flat rate of $15.99.

  • Flat rate of $15.99
  • Usernames for your entire household
  • Add Filtering for no additional cost