How does the Android™ app work?

Covenant Eyes for Android™ monitors the top-level domains accessed across your entire Android phone or tablet. Any domain that was rated Highly Mature (or explicit) will trigger an Incident on the Accountability Report. Our app also locks Safe Search on Google and Bing, and has the option of enabling Restricted Mode on YouTube for users of our Filtering service. Finally, this app lets you lock down other apps.

Basic Requirements

  • Use Covenant Eyes Internet Accountability. (The app will not work for people who are only Accountability Partners or only Account Administrators.) Sign up today!
  • Have an Android phone or tablet that runs version 5.1.1 or higher. (The Android app is not currently compatible with any Nook device.)

App Features

  • Accountability across all apps. Covenant Eyes uses a VPN-like technology to monitor and rate top level domains visited anywhere on your phone or tablet. We then list all of them in the detailed browsing log. Any Highly Mature (or explicit) domains will appear as an Incident in your Accountability Report.
  • Forced safe search. We now force safe search in Google and Bing in all browser views (Chrome, Opera, Dolphin, etc.). This includes browsers that might be “embedded” in other apps, e.g., Facebook, Twitter, etc. This also includes a forced safe search in the Bing and Google Search Apps.
  • Circumvention is difficult. Attempts to remove Covenant Eyes will cause a notification to be sent to Accountability Partners.
  • Built in app locking. Don’t want to access certain apps at all? Use our app lock to prevent access. You can even lock down the Google Play store! Learn more about App Locking.
  • Filter Guardians can enable YouTube’s restricted mode. While we don’t currently offer Filtering through our app, we do have the option for Filter Guardians to enable Restricted Mode on YouTube across browsers and in the YouTube app itself for Filter users. This can be done through “My Account.”
  • The CleanBrowsing DNS is set by default. This means known porn domains will be blocked on your device. You can change your DNS settings within our app locking feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can Covenant Eyes monitor the web addresses viewed with all apps?

A: We don’t currently report the specific pages viewed, but we do monitor the top-level domains visited across all apps, report all of them in the Detailed Browsing Log, and show the Highly Mature ones as Incidents on the Accountability Report. That means that if you visit a known pornography site, we will report it, whether you visited it via Private Browsing on your web browser or through Twitter or even through your Bible app.

 Q: Can I tell what web content on my Report came from my phone?

A: The emailed Report does not show any device information. However, by clicking “View Full Report,” you will be taken to the Reports Dashboard, where you can see more detail, such as the operating system and browser.

Q: Will my App Lock settings carry over to other phones?

A: No. Your App Lock settings are tied to the device. More than one user can have custom app lock settings on a single phone or tablet, but if a user signs in on a different device, they will need to set new App Lock settings.

Q: Will everyone on my phone have the same App Lock settings?

A: No. App locking will be turned off by default for every Covenant Eyes username that is used on a phone or tablet. Each username can then have separate app lock settings for that device.

Q: Does this app support Filtering?

A: Filtering is currently unavailable for this app. We do, however, have the option of Filter Guardians enabling Restricted mode within YouTube for Filter users, and set Google and Bing to safe search for everyone. We also enable the CleanBrowsing DNS by default to block known porn domains.

Q: Is this app a VPN?

A: While our app is not a VPN, it does use some of the functionality of a VPN, and will appear as one on your phone or tablet. This means you cannot use another VPN while using our app.


If you have questions or comments regarding Covenant Eyes for Android, please let us know in our help forum.