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How Covenant Eyes works for iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod touch®

Covenant Eyes for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch monitors and reports Highly Mature top-level domains accessed across all apps, and enforces Safe Search through Google and Bing across all apps. Filter Guardians also have the option to enable Restricted Mode for YouTube across all browsers and the YouTube App.

We include an internet browser that is designed to replace Safari. This app is free to subscribers of Covenant Eyes Accountability and Filtering and allows us to monitor and filter all internet activity that is done through the Covenant Eyes application. This creates three different levels of protection available to iOS users:

All levels: Use the Covenant Eyes browser as your default browser, since it will give you the most clarity on your Accountability Reports.

Good: At this level, users can keep Safari toggled on for use of Siri and to more easily open links through email and other apps. Only top level domains rated Highly Mature will be monitored through Safari.

Better: At this level, users can keep Safari toggled on for use of Siri and to more easily open links through email and other apps. In addition, enable restrictions through ScreenTime (under Settings/General) to “limit adult content” in Safari, and turn off the App Store to limit access to browsers that may allow circumvention.

Best: At this level, users will browse exclusively through the Covenant Eyes browser and continue to lock down the Safari browser as they had in previous versions of Covenant Eyes for iOS. In addition, full restrictions should be set to block Safari and the App store. This will result in all Internet activity being monitored and, if the user’s settings require it, filtered. This option provides the most comprehensive protection.

Installing the Browser App

The Covenant Eyes browser app is available as “Covenant Eyes” on the App Store. In order to use this app, you must have a Covenant Eyes username with Internet Accountability and/or Filtering. Sign up today!

Once you have installed the app, simply sign in using your username and password. You will remain signed in under this account. If you need to switch users, you may do so through the “Settings” app.

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Setting Content Restrictions

With Apple’s lasted update to iOS 12, Restrictions have been changed quite a bit. Our support article How do I set up Screen Time and content restrictions for iOS 12 gives step by step directions on how to set up the content restrictions that best pair with the Covenant Eyes app.

For users who have not updated to iOS 12, there are slightly different directions for setting up the Restrictions on your iPhone or iPad.

Using the Browser

The Covenant Eyes app works in the background, monitoring the web domains you visit, but it is also a web browser, designed to replace Safari or other browsers on your device. To use the browser, click on the Covenant Eyes icon. Once you have signed in, use it to browse the web. Standard features include bookmarks and tabbed browsing. You may also choose Google, Bing, or Yahoo as your default search engine through the “Settings” app.

Importing bookmarks

At this time, the Covenant Eyes browser is unable to import bookmarks from other browsers. You can still create bookmarks for the Covenant Eyes browser by navigating to your favorite web pages, clicking on the bottom center icon of the browser (the square with the arrow pointing up out of it) then choosing “add bookmark.” This will take you to the “Edit Bookmark” screen. After you click “save,” it will be accessible in the Covenant Eyes browser by clicking on the icon on the bottom bar that looks like a book.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Covenant Eyes Filtering work in the browser?

In addition to being a VPN, Covenant Eyes doubles as a browser that includes Accountability and Filtering. Filtering is only available through the Covenant Eyes browser. This means that websites visited through Covenant Eyes will be filtered based on your Filter Sensitivity Level and Block/Allow List. However, for Filter users, you can choose to enable YouTube Restricted Mode across the device, for both and the YouTube app.

Why does it say VPN at the top of my iOS device?

The current version of Covenant Eyes requires enabling the VPN service on your device. The VPN is what allows us to monitor top level domains outside of the Covenant Eyes app. The letters VPN at the top of your device simply alert you that the VPN feature is enabled. There is no way to hide this notification on your iPhone or iPad.

Why did Covenant Eyes switch to using the VPN on my device?

Please read our article What is a VPN? How does Covenant Eyes use them on mobile? for more information.

Do I have to have to enable Background App Refresh for all of my apps, or just Covenant Eyes?

During the install process, Covenant Eyes requires that the user enable Background App Refresh. This is so you do not experience any connection issues on your device. Covenant Eyes does not require Background App Refresh be enabled for all apps. To disable Background App Refresh for other apps on the user’s device go to Settings>General>Background App Refresh, and toggle off all apps, except for Covenant Eyes.


If you have any questions or comments regarding Covenant Eyes for iPhone, please let us know in our help forum.