Customizing the Report

Now that you understand what’s going on in the Accountability Report, you can adjust it to show or hide certain information, or to change the frequency for the Reports you receive.

To make any of these adjustments, sign into “My Account,” select “My Profile,” find the “Accountability” tab, and  select “Partners” from the dropdown.  Each person’s settings are adjusted individually.

E-mail Frequency

Accountability Reports are sent weekly by default. You can adjust them to be sent daily, every three days, biweekly, every three weeks, or monthly instead.

Report Sensitivity Level

You can adjust how much information is shown on the report by changing the Report Sensitivity Level. Reports are generated at the M (Mature) level by default, listing sites that are considered generally appropriate for adults, but not for teens, such as lingerie or dating sites.

You can adjust Accountability Reports to four different age-based sensitivity levels.

Report Settings

Reports can show a lot of different content, such as pages visited, search terms used, or average hourly usage. As you get used to examining the Report, you may find that certain sections aren’t helpful. You may turn these sections on or off by selecting or deselecting them from the list. You can change any Report settings through My Account.

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