Can I know my Covenant Eyes password?

When a Covenant Eyes account is set up properly, each person has their own username and password. This means the Administrator, Accountability Partner, and Filter Guardian should all have a separate username and password from the Covenant Eyes user. If the Administrator, Accountability Partner or Filter Guardian are the same person they only need one username that is separate from the user.

With a separate username and password the user does not have access to make changes to the account. It is safe for the user to know their own username and password for troubleshooting purposes and account verification.

The user will not be able to change what shows up on the report, nor will they be able to change their own filter settings. At most, the user can reset their password, update their e-mail address or security question, and add/remove Accountability Partners. The Administrator can even restrict the user’s ability to generate an uninstall code, which in most cases is the biggest concern an Administrator or Accountability Partner has.

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