Can I know my Covenant Eyes username and password?

If the account is set up correctly, it’s safe for the user to know the username and password. It’s best that the user knows the username and password for troubleshooting purposes, account verification, and so the user can sign in to the Covenant Eyes software.

Can I prevent the user from generating an uninstall code?

Account Administrators can sign in to My Account and remove uninstall permissions for any user they oversee.  Once the Administrator removes uninstall permissions from someone, the user cannot generate uninstall codes online or with Customer Support. For additional information on how to prevent a user from uninstalling Covenant eyes, read How do I prevent someone from uninstalling Covenant Eyes?

Does the internet work when no one is signed in?

If Covenant Eyes is installed, the internet will be disabled until the user signs in. This is a safety feature that provides true accountability. For this reason, it’s important that the user knows the username and password so they can access the internet.