Can I Hide a URL on My Report?

Covenant Eyes strives to help people be accountable on their devices through Accountability Reports.  We believe that Accountability provides the necessary environment for open, trusting relationships to develop and virtuous behavior online to flourish.  Because this only works when there is complete transparency between an Accountability Partner and a Covenant Eyes user, there is no way to hide or delete any URL from an Accountability Report.  Many members think that by canceling their current Covenant Eyes account and opening a new one, they can prevent a current Accountability Partner from seeing their Highly Rated internet activity, but this is not the case. All internet activity generated by a Covenant Eyes user is available for thirty days by an Accountability Partner.

What if I Browsed Highly Mature Material and Regret it?

If you accidentally stumbled upon HM material or intentionally sought it out, open communication with your Accountability Partner is key.  Hopefully, you chose someone whom you trust and who wants you to succeed on your path to integrity online without being personally offended by any mishaps that happen along the way.  If this isn’t the case, or if something about your relationship with your Accountability Partner that makes you feel the need to be dishonest about your internet activity, you may want to reconsider your choice of Accountability Partner.