Why does the Accountability Report say “Device Activity Missing”?

If you receive a Report for someone you hold accountable and it says “Device Activity Missing,” it could be for one of three reasons.

  1. The user was not actually online during the time period of the Report. While a rare occurrence, it is possible that in the time period for the Report the user did not get online on any of their devices.
  2. Covenant Eyes is not installed on any device(s) that the person you hold accountable is using. This can happen if a user has just received or purchased a new device, replacing their old one, or they no longer have the device Covenant Eyes was installed on. Read: Install Covenant Eyes to All Your Devices for additional information on how to install Covenant Eyes.
  3. The person you hold accountable is signing in with a different username. This commonly happens on a family or multiple user account. The username is how we keep track of whose activity is whose. If the wrong username is signed in, all of the Internet activity will appear on the Report of the username that is signed into Covenant Eyes. If it is a multi-user device, like a computer, it is best to not have Covenant Eyes set to sign in automatically so each user can sign in with their own Covenant Eyes username and password. Read What is a “username,” how is it used, and how many do I need? for more detailed information.

No matter the situation, good accountability is conversational and it is important to talk about the Report with the person you hold accountable. Always keep the lines of communication open. If you believe that there should still be activity on the Report and none of the above reasons apply to the user you hold accountable, feel free to call our Customer Support at 877.479.1119.

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