Sharing Educational Materials

Covenant Eyes offers a number of free educational resources, ranging from blog posts to full e-books. We encourage you to link to this content or quote it. For more information, please view our permissions policy.

Covenant Eyes’ blog posts and e-magazine articles

Google penalizes websites for publishing duplicate content—both the original site and the site quoting the material. Because of this, you may not repost online articles in their entirety.

Without our permission, you may:

  • Link to or any specific page or post.
  • Quote one or more of our articles or e-books, provided you link back to the original and provided the quotes are contained in an article that is your own unique work.
  • Print and freely distribute any article or e-book directly from our website, provided the domain “” is clearly visible on the printout.

Make sure to include your affiliate code in any links to us.

Covenant Eyes’ e-books and webinars

We offer a growing number of free e-books and webinars. These may be reviewed or quoted, but you must link to the landing page for the e-book or webinar. You may not upload the file to your own website or link to it directly.

Again, make sure to include your affiliate code in any links to us.