Using Your Affiliate Code

In order to receive credit for signups to Covenant Eyes, new users must use your affiliate code as they sign up. There are two ways to make sure your code is being used.

1. Talk About Your Affiliate Code

When you talk to people about Covenant Eyes, invite them to visit your website where you will feature your affiliate code.

If you blog about us, make sure to include a link to your code at least once. If you print flyers, stamp them with your web address.

If you have a special promotion attached (such as one month free), say so. If you run a ministry, you may also wish to tell your followers that a portion of their subscription will go to support it.

2. Link to Us Using Your Code

If you will be linking to us electronically through your website, e-newsletter, or social media account, you’ll want to make sure to include your affiliate coded link. This will automatically carry your code over into the signup process, giving you credit for signups.

Simply sign in to our affiliate portal. Once in, you’ll have access to your custom code that you can copy and paste into your website or advertising.

You are also able link to any page on the Covenant Eyes website with your affiliate code. For example, many affiliates like to link to our our e-books and other resources.

To do this, sign in to the affiliate portal. Under the Custom Tracking Links section, click on the Alternate Incoming Pages link.

Simply enter the Covenant Eyes URL for the specific page you want to link to and hit the Create My Link button. The system will automatically insert your code and give you a custom link that you use in your marketing efforts.

Remember, if someone signs up through your website but does not use your code, you will not get credit for the signup.