5 Blogging Rules to Jumpstart Your Affiliate Efforts

blog2By writing honest and compelling blog posts that meet the needs of your audience, you can give your affiliate efforts a needed boost. It’s not rocket science, and you can do it. If you are a ministry or organization and don’t have a blog, you should start one. The first reason is it will greatly enhance the number of people who learn about what you do. The second reason is it can greatly benefit your efforts as an affiliate, if you use it well. “If you use it well” is the big caveat. Here are five basic rules about writing blog posts that feed your affiliate endeavors.

1. Choose meaningful topics, ones that matter to your audience.

Your blog posts shouldn’t be blatant ad copy about Covenant Eyes. Instead, they should be about interesting and informative subjects. For instance, affiliate Sheila Gregoire has written several posts that refer her readers to Covenant Eyes; however, her posts are about important topics, such as what to do when a child has seen pornography, the trauma felt when a wife discovers her husband’s porn use, and four things to do if your husband uses porn.

2. Serve your reader.

Have your readers in mind when writing. What do they need? How will a blog post impact your readers’ lives? Is the copy fluff and a waste of time, or is it valuable information they can use? If it looks like you are writing something to make a quick buck, it will hurt your reputation. So start and keep high standards. For instance, Hal and Melanie Young aren’t marketers by trade, they serve parents who need help Raising Real Men. But when they wrote a blog post about 10 ways to fight for your kids, they earned 25 Covenant Eyes signups the first day and they continue to get more.

3. Do your research, so you know what you are talking about.

This might include interviews with someone who has authority on your topic. Feel free to contact our team at Covenant Eyes to arrange an interview. Covenant Eyes was founded in 2000 and over the years we have nurtured expertise in serving individuals, families, churches, schools, seminaries, and organizations on issues of online technology, Internet safety, and biblical purity.

4. Feel stumped about what you should write?

Download one of our Covenant Eyes educational e-books, read it, and then write a review. Include your affiliate code into the links you provide to the e-book so that you get credit when your readers sign up for Covenant Eyes. All of the research you need for your article is in the e-book, and that’s valuable because we are all crunched for time. Better yet, you could get a short series of blog posts from each e-book you review simply by focusing on specific points made in these resources.

5. Write well and never publish before getting editing from someone else.

Even if you are a good writer, you will miss typos, incorrect word usage, or sentences that only make sense to you. Whether it’s a friend, a spouse, or a ministry partner, have someone read and edit your copy… and two editors are better than one.

There are two reasons to be a Covenant Eyes affiliate:

(1) you want to share Covenant Eyes because you know we help individuals and families, and (2) you can earn income to support your efforts. These two go together. If you don’t believe in the first premise, the second will be less than fruitful. It’s our mission to change lives and protect families in a pornified world, and we are thankful for your help in reaching more people.   Photo credit: Mike Licht