Resources for Pastors who Struggle

“[A Ministry Leader’s Handbook] is about one step—one crucial step—that ministers must take: get honest with ourselves and with others we trust about the real nature of our sin. No pretense. No minimizing. No rationalizing. No games. Just gut-level honesty.”

– Luke Gilkerson (from the Preface)

If you’re struggling with Internet temptations, these ministries that can help you take this first crucial step—and many more steps after it.

  • The Recovery Journey – This is a confidential online community for sexual strugglers and their spouses. The program includes printed, audio, and video teachings from Mark Brouwer, small group coaching, anonymous online forum, and many more resources.
  • The Purity Report for Pastors – Private, pastors-only forums which allow confidential use of our accountability framework. The Purity Report offers a powerful way for pastors to begin talking about their struggles with other pastors in a safe, grace-centered environment.
  • Thriving Pastor – This ministry by Focus on the Family for pastors includes has many pastoral care resources including an anonymous Pastoral Care Line (877.233.4455)
  • Setting Captives Free – This is a non-denominational ministry which teaches the biblical principles of freedom in Jesus Christ. Their signature program, The Way of Purity, is a free and anonymous 60-day interactive course for those who struggle with lust or pornography.
  • Stone Gate Resources – Dr. Harry Schaumburg has counseled literally hundreds of pastors through sexual brokenness. His Biblical Intensive Counseling program has helped thousands to overcome sexual sin. Call Dr. Schaumburg for a free consultation.
  • New Hope for Sexual Integrity – Darrell Brazell has been in full time ministry for 25 years and porn free for the past eleven (see his story in chapter 1). He has a recovery manual, New Hope For Sexual Integrity and offers phone consultation and three day intensives for pastoral couples. Pastors and/or their wives can contact him directly at darrell [at] newhopelawrence [dot] com.
  • Pure Life Ministries – PLM serve Christians dealing with sexual sin by providing scripturally based counseling and teaching resources with the goal of leading Christians to victory over sexual sin through a deeper life in God. Their Counseling Helpline provides great biblical advice to those trapped in sexual temptations.
  • Caregivers Forum – This ministry provides a directory of resources for ministry leaders and their families, including counseling services, and rest/renewal retreat centers.