Protecting Your Family Online: A How-To Guide for Parents

Protect-fam-online-coverProtecting kids online can be a challenge. With so many access points to the Internet, like computers, tablets, and even their iPod touch®, it’s hard to know what to look for or where to even begin. In Protecting Your Family Online: A How-To Guide for Parents, you’ll learn:

  • Some of the dangers your kids face
  • How to guard their gadgets
  • What to look for and discuss about their Internet use

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accountability-report-conversation-280pxPROTECT YOUR FAMILY ONLINE

Covenant Eyes offers Internet Accountability software to guard the loved ones in your home. It monitors the websites visited and assigns them a rating, such as T for Teen and M for Mature. This information is sent in an easy-to-read report so that you can have regular conversations with your kids about their interests, gray areas online, or even inappropriate content. Our Internet Filter blocks content based on six age-based sensitivity levels. You can further customize the Filter for each user with block and allow lists. LEARN MORE ABOUT COVENANT EYES SERVICES